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Current students walking around campus
Students walking around campus circa 1968

Our Past: 50 Milestones


  1. Charles County Junior College established with evening classes beginning September 17 at La Plata High School.
  2. Bruce Jenkins appointed as College Dean.
  3. (MP3, 123KB)

    Description: Bruce Jenkins, College Dean, talks about his relationship with the students. Get transcript.

  4. First scholarship awarded by the Women’s Club of Southern Maryland.
  5. 1959

  6. The College receives accreditation from Maryland Department of Education.
  7. First basketball game held at La Plata High School gym (vs. Hagerstown).
  8. 1960

  9. Apprenticeship program established at Naval Ordnance Station in Indian Head.
  10. First Commencement ceremony held on June 1, 1960. There were four graduates.
  11. (MP3, 434KB)

    Description: Welford Bowling, one of the college’s original students, discusses the first commencement ceremony. Get transcript.


  12. Maryland legislation requires title change from “Dean” to “President;" also requires title “Community College” instead of “Junior College.”
  13. 1964

  14. Nike Missile Site approved as interim campus (Bumpy Oak Road).
  15. (MP3, 348KB)

    Description: Mr. C.O. Williams recalls his first impressions of the college at the NIKE Missile Site Campus. Get transcript.


  16. Dr. Julian N. Carsey becomes first appointed President of Charles County Community College.
  17. In September, the college offers full daytime program.
  18. 1968

  19. Construction begins at the new La Plata Campus’s permanent 173-acre site on Mitchell Road with the Career Education and Administration Building.
  20. CCCC offers first pollution abatement program in the nation.
  21. First faculty senate meeting, March 7.
  22. 1969

  23. College accredited by Middle States Association Commission on Higher Education.
  24. (MP3, 319KB)

    Description: Mr. C.O. Williams discusses CCCC's first accreditation for the Middle States Association. Get transcript.

  25. A separate Board of Trustees is created.
  26. 1970

  27. CCCC Foundation approved and incorporated on January 30.
  28. 1971

  29. Student Government Association charter approved.
  30. 1974

  31. Alumni Association created.
  32. (MP3, 346KB)

    Description: Victoria LaFleur, CCCC staff, discusses the beginning of the Alumni Association. Get transcript.

  33. Indoor swimming pool at the La Plata Campus opens to public.
  34. 1975

  35. August 22, the first issue of The Friday Report is printed (a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff).
  36. Charles the Hawk (a red-shouldered hawk) becomes first mascot of Charles County Community College.
  37. (MP3, 195KB)

    Description: Victoria LaFleur, CCCC staff, recalls Charles the hawk. Get transcript.

  38. First nursing students graduate.
  39. First athletic scholarship awarded.
  40. 1977

  41. Friendship House, one of the oldest surviving structures in Charles County, reconstructed on La Plata Campus.
  42. 1978

  43. Community College at St. Mary’s established at Great Mills High School.
  44. 1980

  45. Community College at Calvert County established.
  46. 1982

  47. Dr. John Sine appointed as the second president.
  48. (MP3, 212KB)

    Description: Dr. John Sine, second President of CCCC, recalls the students in the early years. Get transcript.

  49. Lady Hawks volleyball brings in first Maryland State JUCO championship.
  50. 1983

  51. Continuing Education program established.
  52. 1984

  53. First musical, Peter Pan, presented at the new Fine Arts Center on the La Plata Campus, sells out.
  54. 1985

  55. Smallwood Village Center used for college’s Waldorf facility.
  56. 1988

  57. Fitness Membership Program first offered.
  58. 1991

  59. New smoking policy adopted in an attempt to move the college towards a smoke-free environment (smoking permitted only outdoors and in designated areas).
  60. 1994

  61. 8730 Mitchell Road becomes the college’s official street address, due to an enhanced 911 emergency system developed in Maryland.
  62. 1996

  63. Center for Business and Industry constructed, offering conference services to the Tri-County area.
  64. College launches new Web site on December 21; update performed in 1998.
  65. 1997

  66. CCCC Opens the Waldorf Center at its present location, in partnership with UMUC, offering bachelor’s degree programs that students can complete without leaving Southern Maryland.
  67. The Leonardtown Campus is established at its current location with buildings A & B.
  68. 1998

  69. Dr. Elaine Ryan appointed as the third president.
  70. CCCC and UMUC offer a Maryland in Europe Program to Department of Defense personnel stationed abroad.
  71. 2000

  72. College of Southern Maryland (CSM) is established, joining all three campuses as a regional college serving Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties.
  73. First Winter Graduation ceremony held.
  74. 2001

  75. First online registration offered in July.
  76. 2002

  77. CSM earns first Workplace Excellence Award.
  78. 2005

  79. The new Prince Frederick Campus opens at its J.W. Williams Road location with its flagship building.
  80. Construction completed of CSM’s Children’s Learning Center on the La Plata Campus.
  81. 2006

  82. Dr. Bradley Gottfried appointed as fourth president.
  83. 2007

  84. CSM Foundation five-year community campaign to begin goal of raising $5 million.
  85. College recognizes the milestone of graduating over 15,000 students in its history, as nursing graduate Kristin McVerry crosses the stage.