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Important Dates

  • Jul 02: Summer I 2015 Session ends

  • Jul 03: Holiday- College Closed in Observance of Independence Day

  • Click here for the full Academic Calendar.

    Faculty Advising at CSM

    Check out our faculty partners.

    Academic Advising

    Welcome to Academic Advising at CSM!

    The Hawk Eye Advisor: "We have our eye on you!"

    July 2015 Edition

    New High School Graduates:
    Congratulations and Welcome to CSM!!

    As of June 1, Academic Advising walk-in hours have changed at La Plata, Leonardtown and Prince Frederick.

    New students may apply to the college and then set up a myCSMD account. Learn more about navigating your myCSMD account. Complete an on-line orientation to learn more about CSM, how to prepare for your first advising session, and how to register.

    Many courses have prerequisites, so you will need placement tests at the Testing Center unless you:
    •    have already completed college-level English and Math at another institution or
    •    you will use qualifying SAT/ACT scores.

    See the Testing Center website for prerequisite waiver information. Please make an appointment with advising and bring unofficial transcripts (to show grades for prerequisite courses needed for courses at CSM). Otherwise, schedule an appointment with Academic Advising after you take your placement tests. 

    Placement test preparation information is available in a video and on this web page. More information is available on the Testing Center website.

    You may view course descriptions with prerequisites, along with programs of study in our on-line catalog which may be viewed on CSM’s main web page. The schedule of classes is also available on the main CSM webpage.

    Relax on the beach because you have registered for Fall classes!

    Continuing students, have you registered for Fall classes? View your program of study in your myCSMD account or view all of our programs of study to see what courses you still need for your major.

    Be sure to use the General Education list to choose appropriate courses wherever your program states “from the general education list.” Many courses are “art,” for example, but will not meet the Art requirement for a degree. To make a safe choice, please see the list of Art and other general education classes on the list.

    Returning students: Need help with registration?

    View the self-registration interactive tutorial, if you know what classes you need, but need guidance on self-registration. If you need to visit Academic Advising to get assistance with choosing courses, make your appointment now.

    Advising moves to all walk-ins in August!

    Schedule your advising appointment in July! Due to peak registration, academic advising offices at La Plata, Leonardtown and Prince Frederick move to an all walk-in status in August to maximize the number of students that advisors see during this busy time.

    Fall Terms

    •    Fall semester (full term) September 2 - December 16

    •    Fall minisession I September 2 - October 21

    •    Fall minisession II October 26 - December 16

    “Time for your program review” message

    You may see this hold after you have reached your 18th or 36th credit and you try to self-register. If you see this message, you will need to meet with an Academic Advisor before you register.  

    Prepare ahead! Review your evaluation online and bring your desired course names and 6-digit section codes with you to your advising visit.

    If you do not know which courses you need, review your evaluation in your myCSMD account. You may also make an appointment and we can advise you which courses to look for on the schedule.

    Succeed in Summer Sessions!

    Student Success Tutoring is available to assist you with your summer courses. Find study skill-building information online!  

    Finish your FAFSA!

    Financial aid information is available. March 1 was the priority deadline for submitting the FAFSA. Complete your FAFSA as soon as possible.

    Summer Course Withdrawal Dates  

    Last day to withdraw from a Summer II class is July 28
    Last day to change a credit to an audit or an audit to a credit for Summer II is July 28

    Summer Graduation Information

    If you plan to graduate in August, please make an appointment in Academic Advising to complete your graduation application before August 1.  Graduation is not an automatic process.

    Summer graduates may participate in the January commencement ceremony. Let your advisor know if you would like to walk in the January ceremony. It is free to graduate; however, if you plan to walk in the January ceremony, there is a fee for cap and gown.

    Please find complete graduation information in the 2014-15 Commencement Guide.

    Summer 2015 Graduation Application Deadline

    Last day to apply for a diploma is August 1

    Diplomas received in the mail after September 30




    Ask the Advisor Ask the Advisor

    Current Students

    New Students

    Check out  Faculty Advising at CSM!

    Ask the Advisor

    Where do you go to ask a question when you don’t know where to go? Try Academic Advising! We’re here to make sure you have no unanswered questions. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll try to find it. Whether you are a new student, returning student, or transfer student and have questions about programs, classes, instructors, or transfer we are available by phone, email, and appointment or you can just walk in for a quick question during advising walk in days. Click on “Advising Hours” on the left-side menu for all the office information.

    Here’s a quick guide to making the best of your advising visit.

    Transfer to another institution
    Appointments Walk-ins
    Select program of study Change program of study
    Career assistance Select courses
    Job search assistance "Program Review" notice
    Graduation Audit Probation restriction
    Transfer to CSM Prerequisite not complete
    Assessment of prior learning (Portfolio) Resources referral
    Cooperative education planning Cooperative education (forms)
    Advice on complicated academic situations Advice on academic situations
    First Advising Session Scheduling First Advising Session
    Student Responsibilities
    • Know academic policies and procedures, academic calendar deadlines, program requirements, and where to go for assistance. Don't really understand how advising works? Check out our Advising Syllabus!
    • Remember to contact an advisor at or around 18 credits and again at 36 credits. You will be restricted from registering until the connection is made.
    • Schedule and maintain appointments with an advisor. Come to appointments prepared by bringing your CSM student ID number and myCSMD log-in information, course selections, requirements of your program, transfer information, etc.
    • Do your homework! Follow-up on advisor recommendations and seek further assistance when necessary.
    • Make decisions. An advisor will offer you options but you must make the decisions for your future.

    Current Students

    Did you know that advising is not just for new students? Don’t forget we’re here as you continue your education. We can assist you with changing your program of study, transferring to another college, and staying on track to complete your degree. Did I mention that there are two times at CSM when you must meet with an advisor? When you reach 18 credits and again at 36 credits, you will not be allowed to register until you speak with an advisor. You’ll know when your time is up when you see this message in Online Services:

    You are not eligible for registration. Time for your program review. You must contact an advisor by web, phone or in-person.

    It's not to punish you, honest. It’s our way to make certain you are on track to graduate. To avoid missing out on an important class, plan ahead. Make an appointment with your advisor before you get the message!

    In academic distress?
    Don’t get caught with a low GPA! Use our GPA Calculator to find your GPA. Students with a low cumulative GPA are placed on Academic Probation and must meet with an Academic Advisor to register for classes. Don’t wait until registration to meet with an advisor. Make an appointment today! Complete the Academic Probation Success packet to bring with you. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to turn your situation around. Check out our “Success Strategies” for the many resources available to get you back on track.

    CSM offers confidential personal counseling for when life, college, and work becomes too much. For contact information and hours go to Counseling Services.

    New Students

    Orientation and Registration 
    at CSM


    Congratulations! Now that you've been accepted to CSM and taken your placement tests, you are ready to take your first steps toward completing your academic goal by participating in Orientation and Registration - Your first year at CSM.  Designed to orient you to college life, Orientation and Registration is a series of touch points to guide you successfully through your first semester and beyond.

    Your first step is to have your First Advising Session. At this session, you will begin to develop your academic plan, discuss placement test results (if transferring to CSM, click here), select courses, and plan your schedule with an advisor.  At  Orientation and Registration you will be introduced to college resources and myCSMD, the college's online portal.

    Just before the start of your first semester, join the fun at Kick Off to College where you will fill up your success tool kit to "start" college the "smart" way: network with other students, meet faculty, tour the campus, learn about CSM clubs, and more! Ready to get started!?

    Checkmark Orientation and Registration  Checklist

    1) Meet with an advisor at your First Advising Session.  In some cases, your First Advising Session will occur immediately after testing.  If not, you will be directed at testing on how to arrange your First Advising Session.

    2) Attend Orientation and Registration

    Call the campus nearest to you to reserve your seat. Click here for dates and times. RSVP is required.

    3) Attend Kick Off to College.  RSVP is required.


    Arrow point to the left The advising website is packed full of resources and tips to help you complete your educational goals. Look on the left menu for success strategies, program information and student resources.

    Arrow point to the rightWhile you are here, check out our “we’re in your corner” advice column for fun and friendly advice on college situations.