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Flexible Learning Options

In addition to the traditional 15-week fall and spring semesters, students might want to take advantage of the following alternative semester lengths. See below for options.

Late-Start Courses

Late-start courses are ideal if students did not register for the traditional full, 15-week courses. At 10 weeks, these late-start courses run a bit shorter than traditoinal courses, but end by the same date. These courses normally begin about a month after the normal semester begins.


Minisessions are offered in short, seven-week sessions. Two minisessions are offered for each traditional fall and spring, 15-week semester. Because this accelerated format allows students to complete a course in half of the time of a traditional semester, students are able to focus on one or two classes at a time.

Weekend Courses

Weekend courses offer students the opportunity to take a variety of weekend courses on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. Students may earn an Associate of Arts degree in General Studies by attending classes offered exclusively on weekends. All campuses, including the Waldorf Center for Higher Education, offer weekend classes. Students may supplement these courses with online courses to accommodate personal or work schedules which make attending week day classes difficult.

University of Maryland Academic Telecommunications Systems (UMATS) Courses

University of Maryland Academics Telecommunications Systems (UMATS) courses permit students at distant locations to engage in interactive courses with the capacity for full motion, real-time, two-way, audio and video communication. Any number of distant sites may be linked in a broadcast mode, although interaction is limited to four sites at any time. All sites in the link see and hear the interaction, and the instructor can "engage" other sites during the session by prior arrangement. The peripheral equipment allows instructors to display graphics, computer files, and multimedia software, and playback or record video or audio materials.