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Gobi Gopinath,

Computer Science Professor Gobi Gopinath definitely thinks students should get their start at CSM. “Many students who might find themselves lost at large university settings in their freshman year find that the small classroom settings at CSM provide an easier transition from high school to university,” he said.

Gopinath has a Master of Science degree in electrical engineering and has worked at the Leonardtown campus for seven years. He still says teaching and learning from his students is the most rewarding part of his job.

It’s the times when students inform Gopinath that they have succeeded either at a job interview or they succeed in the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) programming competition, which makes his efforts most rewarding.

“It is great to see that they [former students] can stand toe-to-toe with students from other major universities,” he said.

“CSM offers a wealth of well designed and high quality courses that prepare students for continuing their education at four-year colleges/universities and/or for productive careers. CSM is the best place for teaching and learning in the Washington D.C. region.”
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Faculty Spotlight: Bob Gates
"CSM is the best place for teaching and learning in the Washington, DC region."
Points of Distinction
  1. CSM Computer Science students participated in the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition

  2. CSM degree align with the Computer Science curriculum published by ACM and used by hundreds of college and universities world-wide.

  3. Articulation agreements with several colleges allowing students to fully transfer their CSM credits toward a bachelor’s degree.
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