Faculty Spotlight

Bob Gates

James Graves,
Adjunct Instructor and Systems Administrator

James Graves has completely immersed himself at CSM. He started out as a student himself, became a student employee and then a full-time systems administrator at the college. Now, he comes full circle as an adjunct instructor in the Business and Technology Department.

"As a young, financially challenged single parent, CSM welcomed me to their family environment,” said Graves. “As a first generation college student coming from a single-parent home, I was nervous about the challenges ahead.”

Despite his concerns, Graves said his instructors fueled his passion for the IT field.

“During my academic career, CSM’s faculty and staff were generous with their time, deliberate with their approach and focused in their delivery,” he said. “I not only try to present my courses with this same demeanor, but to encourage my students to discover their true direction and passion within a field of study.”—James Graves

Instructor with students
Faculty Spotlight: Bob Gates
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Points of Distinction
  1. CSM, in partnership with local employers, offers entry-level and advanced-level information technology (IT) certification programs which lead to a variety of careers in information technology

  2. The courses in this certificate are applicable to the Information Services Technology Certificate and AAS degree.
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