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Full-time wedding coordinators in Maryland can earn up to $79,600 per year dependent on experience and education level.


Wedding Coordinator    High Demand

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Wedding coordinators are responsible for organizing, coordinating and helping couples deliver successful wedding events. 



Get started as a wedding coordinator by completing all four courses in a semester or less, attending classes part time at CSM. Each subject focuses on a specific topic dedicated to help you master a set of competencies in the wedding coordinator field.

View the Fall 2013 Semester Schedule of Hospitality Classes

Course Class
HSP 5180 Introduction to Wedding Planning            6
HSP 5190 Wedding Coordinator Part II            6
HSP 5200 Wedding Coordinator/Creative Development            8
HSP 5210 Wedding Coordinator/The Wedding Day            8
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For more information contact:
Shaunda Holt
Program Coordinator Adults

For a complete listing of courses that CSM offers, please refer to the Continuing Education Schedule of Classes.

“The profession of wedding planning is an exciting opportunity to make a bride and groom’s lifelong dream come true! While at times it can be a demanding and stressful career, its rewards far out way the woes. Everyday as a wedding coordinator is a chance to be the creative genius, making all the magic of weddings happen right before their very eyes!”

Jessica A. Yates, ABC,CWP
Accredited Bridal Consultant and Certified Wedding Professional