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When most students think about history, the first words that generally pop into their head are tedious and boring, but, according to students at the College of Southern Maryland, history cannot only be fun it might become your favorite class if it is taught by CSM Assistant Professor Chretien Guidry. In a recent assessment conducted by, Dr. Guidry earned ninth place in a ranking of the country's highest rated junior and community college professors.


Below is a collection of CSM Speakers and their speaking topics.   For more information about the speaker, please click on his/her name.


bullet Dr. Patrick Allen
  • African American Writers and Writing
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Promoting Self Esteem in your Child
  • How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed
bullet Dr. Victoria Clements
  • Beyond Melville & Hawthorne: Best Selling 19th-Century American Women Writers
bullet Dr. Chretien Guidry
  • History: Topics from Ancient Rome to the Cold War
  • Education: Learning Styles, Classroom Management Techniques, Psychology in the Classroom
  • Leadership Styles
  • Creating Video Clips or Music Videos
bullet Wayne Karlin
  • Literature
  • Vietnam Literature
  • Ethics and Warfare
bullet Barbara Stephanic
  • Learning to Look at Art
  • Learning to Appreciate Art
  • Various Gallery Tours
  • How Parents Can Help Their Child Succeed
bullet Mike Whelan
  • Teens: Safe Driving Tips
  • Parents: Tips for Training/Coaching New Drivers and Changes to Driving Techniques
  • How to Practice Driving Maneuvers that Can Prevent Traffic Fatalities Among Young Drivers