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POSITION DESCRIPTION FOR: Network Security Administrator


1.  Core Responsibilities: Prioritize tasks and responsibilities and summarize them below.  Please

provide percentages of time allotted to each particular task or responsibility, making sure that the

total percentage equals 100%. Please give specific duties and avoid using generalizations or “other duties as assigned.”

The Network Security Administrator is the College’s primary network security engineer. 


10% - Assisting with development, implementation, and maintenance of IT security solutions including firewalls, anti-virus solutions, and intrusion detection/prevention systems

10% - Ensuring that Information and Student Privacy Laws and Policies are enforced at the College

10% - Manage the Information System Security Request form for account creation and deletion

5% - Investigation of any actual or potential information security incidents

10% - Perform reviews of network security architecture, information security administration and policy

5% - Providing periodic reporting on information security issues

5% - Review new system designs and major modifications for security implications prior to implementation

5% - Provide security awareness training for staff and students and management

5% - Helps maintain proper documentation of the college’s telecommunications, network and computing environment

5% - Maintains up-to-date knowledge of available and emerging network, security and microcomputer technologies through professional reading, attending industry conferences, and professional development (training, education, and participation in professional associations)

5% - Reviews advisories posted through CERT, NIPC (National Infrastructure Protection Center), Center for Internet Security, SANs and FBI and recommends appropriate security improvements to the Network Administration and Security Manager

5% - Help design and manage the business recovery and disaster recovery plans for the enterprise.

5% - Collaborate with administrative staff in the development and maintenance of the CSM information security program and information security policy

5%- Collaborate with Network Project Team in identifying network and system vulnerabilities, and the appropriate solutions to eliminate or minimize their potential effects

5% - Collaborate with ITS staff in the evaluation of new software and hardware systems, particularly as they relate to security

5% - Collaborate with administrative staff in ensuring that departments have fulfilled their information security responsibilities

-          Performs other duties as assigned


2.  Education/Knowledge Required:  Specify required degrees, experience, special skills and abilities necessary for satisfactory performance.

·         BA/BS degree, or equivalent and at least two years Security Administration experience or four years of experience in network management, engineering, administration, and microcomputer support preferred

·         Experience with Security software, disaster recovery, firewalls, network monitoring, etc.

·         Must have Windows Server and/or Novell administration experience

·         In-depth knowledge of Novell Directory Services or Active Directory

·         Knowledge of backup and recovery processes

·         Working knowledge of DOS, Windows, UNIX operating systems, Novell Netware, Windows 7, and Internet/Intranet technologies

·         Ability to adapt quickly to rapidly changing technology

·         Ability to translate technical terms for non-technical persons

·         Excellent communications (written and oral), customer service and problem solving skills

·         Experience working and leading technical teams

·         Must have experience administering rights, permissions, and ACLs

·         Strong analysis and troubleshooting skills

·         Experience with open source and commercial security tools such as vulnerability assessment tools

Preferred Knowledge

·         Deployment experience with enterprise-class security solutions:

o   Firewalls

o   Host and Network-based Intrusion Detection solutions

o   Enterprise VPN solutions

·         Experience developing security strategy, policies, and standards is preferred

·         Incident Response & Disaster Recovery Skills

·         Industry certification in Information Technology, i.e. (CISSP, Security+, Checkpoint Firewall Certification, CCISP, GAIC, GSEC, Unix Administration, Novell (CNA/CNE), and Microsoft (MCSE) certifications)


3.  Supervision:  List all position titles reporting directly to this position, full-time or part-time.  Include student assistants, temporary, permanent and part-time faculty supervised in a typical semester or year.

                           System Administrator (Network/ Email)


4.   Internal & External Contacts:  Identify contacts required within and outside the college, and purpose of contacts. (Example: Contacts vendors for supplies and materials; or meets with tri-county public and private employers to determine training needs)

·         College technology users (students, faculty, and staff) to provide support, discuss and document requirements, and resolve problems and mediate security incidents

·         Frequent contact with vendors, contractors and consultants in support of department projects and operations.  Often the main contact and expert from the college.

·         County, regional, and state level officials and technologists to support coordinated efforts

to build information networks and create integrated telecommunications systems

·         Contacts other colleges, agencies, and companies for consultation


5.   Guidelines/Procedures/Regulations: Identify guidelines, procedures, instructions, regulations and laws within which the position functions.  Be specific.

·         College and ITS policies, procedures and standards. 

·         Must be aware of software licensing laws and requirements. 

·         Must be knowledgeable of national and international standards relating to networking, microcomputer and Internet/Intranet technologies

6.   Communications: Please describe the written and verbal skills required for the position.


·         Provides face to face training and conducts meetings with internal customers and outside vendors

·         Must be able to write policies and procedures


7.   Role Complexity:


·         This position will be dealing with multiple tasks with the need to switch often based on priorities

·         Tasks are governed by internal and external forces or events

·         There will be a multitude of tasks and may require little interpretation on how to complete

·         The work is complex and require in-depth analysis



8.   Creativity & Innovation:


·         This position requires the employee to design new ways of doing things. Examples are Disaster recovery and Business Continuity.


·         Significant creativity and Innovation is required to improve existing practices. Example Developing an Information Security Program


9.   Impact:


·         The work of this position touches all areas of the college, be it financial, information (IT) or internal and external customers.  Safeguarding the information repositories is key to all and is a major contributory in developing systems and programs to meet the requirements.


10. Fiscal Responsibility:  Describe the fiscal responsibility.  Include total dollars that the position directly controls.


·         Will assist the department in preparing the ITS operating budget.  Will provide technical recommendations impacting the ITS budget (approximately 1.5 million dollars)


11. Physical Working Environment:  Describe the physical working environment and list any hazardous and toxic substances used in the performance of duties.


·         Normal office environment

·         May require the lifting of heavy objects (computer/network equipment, etc.)






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