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College of Southern Maryland
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Information on How to Complete the Online Resume Submission Form

How to Apply

  1. Open a Internet Browser and visit our website at
  2. From the Human Resources home page, choose the link named "Employment Opportunities" or choose "I want a job at the College of Southern Maryland."
  3. From the Human Resources page, click using the menu along the left side of the screen.
  4. You may view job listings by category or you may view All Jobs.
  5. Once you have selected a job, it will display a brief description of the position and qualifications. If you know someone who might be interested in the position, you may select E-mail a Friend and let him or her know about it! If you would like to apply for the position, select New Resume/CV.


How to Complete the Resume Submission

Please complete the contact information. You will need to create a password to use in case you wish to log in to revise your resume later. Complete the next few screens in the same manner until you get to the resume submission options.

  1. The system allows three methods of submitting you resume.
  1. Use the Step by Step Resume Builder. Select this method if you do not already have a resume. If you already have a resume, one of the other two options may be easier.
  2. Upload a Resume/CV Document. If your resume is in one of the acceptable formats listed, you may upload your resume. This will take you to a screen to copy and paste your cover letter. Below the cover letter box is where you browse your computer and locate your Resume or CV to be uploaded. This is done in a way similar to attaching a document in an e-mail.
  3. Copy and paste the content of an existing plain-text Resume/CV- You may copy and paste the contents of your resume into the system.
    1. Next, you will be asked a series of job specific questions. You will then be asked to voluntarily submit your personal EEOC information. Providing or failing to provide this information will not subject you to adverse or preferential treatment. The information is used solely for statistical analysis of the make-up of our work force and applicant pool.
    2. Congratulations! You have completed the employment application. You will receive confirmation that we have received your application via e-mail.


    How to Clear Cookies

    You may wish to clear the cookies from the computer you used to delete any personal information that may remain. For instructions on how to clear them go here.