Growing the Future:
STEM Education and Outreach

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

CSM is leading the way to improve our region's STEM educational programs through effective collaborations among the three public school systems, industry, Naval installations and higher education. A highly skilled technical workforce is key to our future and to our national security, and CSM is a key resource in leading the way.

American students have been falling behind their counterparts in other nations in STEM-related fields for several decades, and continue to do so. So alarming is this trend that both the Bush and Obama administrations have made STEM initiatives a national priority, and have referred to it as an "issue of national security" ...and so has CSM.

We have answered this call to action by engaging, challenging, and educating future STEM leaders from all segments of our region through strategic planning sessions, community outreach events and activities, and educator conferences. CEOs, Naval officers, technology and defense companies and K-12 administrators and educators have joined forces to move forward at an aggressive pace under the umbrella of the Institute of STEM (ISTEM).

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