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Integrative Learning Center

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Integrative Learning Center
College of Southern Maryland
LR Building, Room 205
Michelle Simpson, Director
8730 Mitchell Rd
PO Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646-0910

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 IDS-1010T is taught in a collaborative classroom where desks are easily moveable so students can meet in small and large group settings.

Students are actively engaged during each class period through group meetings and presentations to the class.

Students use resources such as guest speakers, new media and field experience to develop their research projects.

Students respond to reading materials individually through journal writing and collaboratively through small group discussions.

Ultimately, Students create a research product that will be presented publicly.

Integrative Learning Center

Making Connections: A First Year Seminar

What is the First Year Seminar?

IDS-1010T is designed for students who tested into RDG-800 and would prefer to take interdisciplinary studies general education 3-credit course instead of RDG-800. They will improve their reading through guided reading activities integrated into their course.

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