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International Travel Insurance and Assistance

The College of Southern Maryland makes available through AIG International, an International Travel Insurance and Assistance Program that provides limited insurance coverage and travel services for students engaged in CSMís international travel study courses. The program coverage includes travel advice, emergency family travel, accident and sickness medical expense, medical evacuation, and repatriation services. The student insurance coverage and assistance program is summarized below:

Students should consider purchasing additional or alternate insurance or services that are available commercially. The summaries below only provide general information about the insurance and assistance program. CSM reserves the right to alter, reduce, or eliminate the insurance and assistance program at any time without notice. The actual terms of all coverages and programs govern the scope of the insurance and assistance program; CSM is not responsible for any insurerís practices, actions, or omissions.




24 Hour Assistance Program Coverage A - This 24 hour assistance program provides travel, medical, and family assistance to travelers. Note: This service provides referrals to providers, however, it does not provide payment for services rendered. Students are responsible for all payments to providers; payment will not be made by CSM or its insurers.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Coverage B - A form of accident insurance which pays a stated benefit to the insured or their beneficiary in the event of certain bodily injuries or death due to accidental means. A predetermined schedule of payment is used to compensate the insured or the beneficiary for their loss.

Principal Sum, each insured person or 5 times the person's annual salary, whichever is less
Aggregate Limit
Accident and Sickness Medical Expense

Coverage C - Expenses incurred for a medical emergency or sickness.

Covered Medical Expense, each insured person
Covered Medical Expense, maximum each injury or sickness
Emergency Medical Evacuation

Coverage D - Covers the expenses for sending a seriously injured or ill person home or transporting him/her to a place where appropriate medical care can be obtained.

Covered Expenses, each insured person
Maximum, each serious injury or sickness
Emergency Family Travel

Coverage E - Covers the expenses of bringing a family member to a seriously injured or ill person during a medical emergency.

Maximum, each emergency medical evacuation
Repatriation of Remains

Coverage F - Covering the cost of returning a deceased traveler's body to their homeland.

Covered Expenses, each insured person
Maximum, each insured person


24 Hour Assistance Program

The 24 hour travel assistance program is available for all students who travel internationally in a CSM course. This medical and security assistance program provides emergency response assistance as well travel information.

The program includes:

Medical Assistance

  • Referral to English Speaking Doctors
  • Advance Payment of Medical Expenses
  • Guarantee of Hospitalization Fee
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Medical Case Monitoring
  • Medical Records and Medication Shipment
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains

Personal Assistance

  • Pre-Trip Assistance Services
  • Embassy and Consular Information/Passport and Visa Requirements
  • Legal Assistance
  • Political/Environmental Warning Information
  • Information on Immunization Requirements
  • Access to Translators/Interpreters
  • Emergency Message Translations
  • Currency Information and ATM Locations

Travel Assistance

  • Lost/Stolen Luggage and Personal Effects Assistance
  • Lost/Stolen Travel Documents/ Ticket Assistance
  • Emergency Cash Transfer
  • Trip Interruption Assistance
  • Insurance Claims Coordination

To obtain an AIG Assist card please contact your trip coordinator or faculty member. AIG International Services can be reached if calling in the United States or Canada at 1-800-401-2678. If you are outside of the United States contact and International Operator to place your call at (01-713) 260-5508, or access an international Operator and call collect 713-260-5508.