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Students working in mathematics, physics, and engineering generally need higher levels of education. If you want to enter any of these fields, you’ll need mathematical ability, problem-solving and analytical skills, an inquisitive mind, imagination and initiative. Today’s mathematicians, physicists, and engineers use science, mathematical theory, and computer technology to solve a vast array of problems and understand the nature of the universe. If you want to work in engineering, you’ll have the best opportunities if you earn at least an associate’s degree and then transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree. CSM’s partnerships with local military facilities and universities make your career path seamless.

CSM offers two honors classes, Statistics as well as Explorations in Mathematics. These courses are distinguishable by their level of rigor and have an academic distinction of exploring mathematics beyond curriculum requirements

Associate of Arts (AA):
Arts and Sciences: Applied Science and Technology option
Arts and Sciences: Mathematics/ Physical Sciences option

Associate of Science (AS):
Engineering Consortium*
*Designed for students planning to transfer to Capitol College.

Associate of Science Engineering (ASE):
Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering

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Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination

Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

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