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Summer 2015

Kids College Summer 2015 Schedule


Fall 2015 Schedule is now available!
Registration opens July 15.

Kids College Summer 2015 Schedule

Please be advised that the Interactive PDF versions of the continuing education schedules are for reference only and do not reflect course availability or cancellations. For the most up-to-date information about course availability, please use Online Services.

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Kids' and Teen College

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Welcome to Kids' and Teen College...

Welcome to the new and exciting information page about the happenings of Kids' and Teen College.  This page will provide up to date information on the exciting 'happenings' around campus.

 January 2015 has arrived and is almost over.  John, Jenn and Amanda have worked feverishly to make sure that the schedule is right and ready to be published.  Watch for it to hit your mailbox the week of February 2nd.  Registration for Summer 2015 begins February 9th.


Look out for Fall 2015 as Kids and Teen College begins to go year round.  Many of our courses are inter-generational which means that an adult can accompany the child and join in the fun.  

Take a look at the staff behind the scenes of Kids' and Teen College, John Terlesky, CPP, the Program Coordinator, has been with the College of Southern for over 23 years and 17 of those years he has been serving the youth of Southern Maryland through Kids' and Teen College. John has been married to his wife for over 28 years and have one son who lives in Maryland.

                                               John Terlesky, CPP

When Kids' and Teen College began it started with between 60 to 80 classes in La Plata and Leonardtown. 

With the growth of CSM's Continuing Education department, the Kids' and Teen program has grown to being one of the top three kids summer camps in the state of Maryland.  We are now offering whole day and half day courses in a variety of subjects and ages from five to 17 years old.

                                              Jenn Hamilton, M.Ed., Ed.S.

Another integral staff member that has joined us in 2013, is Jenn Hamilton, Ed.S., CPP which is a transplant from North Carolina.  Jenn has worked in the educational field for over 20 years and has just completed her Graduate degree last fall.  Jenn has been married to her husband for over 20 years and is raising four children in Southern Maryland.

                      Amanda Lozano

Welcome to Amanda Lozano as she joins our staff this spring and brings us some great new and inventive ideas.  Amanda brings with her experience in social networking, marketing, business administration and above all else a wonderful personality, if you get a chance ask her about her stories about the Bridezilla's. 

Kids' and Teen College is now offering new and innovative classes to the children of our area and would love for you to take a few minutes to look at our schedule on the right.  

 Summer Classes will open for registration on February 9th.  Schedule your classes now and participate in the FACTS payment plan.  http://www.csmd.edu/training/tuitionpaymentplan.htm.


Let's have some fun :)