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Surgeon's Certificate

Soldier: Daniel Crowdy

Claim Type - Original
Pension Claim Number - 818234
Examination Date - 1891-03-21
Claimant Address - #904 Peach Alley, Balto. MD
Disability Cause - Affection of the stomach and abdomen. Rheumatism, Disease of throat and lungs, Neuralgia
Pension - 0
Claimant Statement - Has pains through the left side with shortness of breath. Suffers with general Rheumatism and is unable to do much work. Cough with pain through the lungs and hoarseness
Pulse Rate - 90
Respiration - 19
Temperature - N
Height - 5' 4"
Weight - 124
Examiners Statement - General physical condition is fair. No evidence of affection of the stomach or abdomen. Liver and Spleen are normal. No sensitiveness in the epigastrium or in any part of the abdomen. Tongue clean. Rheumatism: slight crepitation in the knees with pain on manipulation in the knees and ankles. no deformity of joints. Sensitiveness of the muscles in the lumbar regions with pain on stooping and all motions of the body and on walking. Suffers with chronic Rheumatism. Heart: Mitral insufficiency with compensatory hypertrophy. Apex is in the fifth interspace of 1/2 inch to the left of line of nipple. Action is rapid and strong. Systolic murmur heard over the apex, succeeding the first sound and tranmitted to the left. No evidence of disease of the throat, lungs or of neuralgia. Auscultation and percussion show the lungs to be healthy. The pains about the side and abdomen can all be referred to the heart. No disease of the kidney: Urine normal. No other disability exists.
Disease Diagnosis - Rheumatism and Disease of Heart