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College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Road
PO Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646-0910

Work Groups

Standard 1: Mission and Goals

Co-Chairs: Dr. Richard Fleming, Vice President and Dean, Prince Frederick Campus
Dr. Stephen Johnson, Professor, Music

Work Team: Morag Dahlstrom, Associate Professor, Nursing
Malinda Gloriod, Assistant Professor, Nursing
Jim Fehr, Professor, Business
Dr. George Spiegel, Associate Professor, Biology
Dr. Melanie Osterhouse, Associate Professor, Biology
Ken Smith, Career Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Makeba Clay, Executive Director, Diversity and Equal Opportunity
Vicki Grow, Director, Continuing Education, Wellness, Fitness and Recreation
Paul Toscano, Distance Learning Coordinator
Elizabeth Donovan, Student

Standards 2&3: Planning, Resources, Resource Allocation, and Renewal

Co-Chairs: Michelle Goodwin, Vice President, Advancement
Daphne Morris, Professor, Business, Economics and Legal Studies

Work Team: Robert Gates, Professor, Business and Technology
Brent Burdick, Adjunct Professor, Business, Economics and Legal Studies
Bruce Fried, Professor, Business, Economics and Legal Studies
Jim Cleary, Assistant Professor, Business and Technology
Tony Jernigan, Vice President, Financial and Administrative Services
Dave Howard, Executive Director, Informational Technology Services
Kay Kennedy-Roberts, Budget Director
Jill Wathen, Director, Operations, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Thomas West, Student
Rebecca Hammett, Student

Standards 4&5: Leadership, Governance and Administration

Co-Chairs: Dr. Denise Bailey Clark, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Dr. Chretien Guidry, History Coordinator/Professor

Work Team: Krista Keyes, Assistant Professor, English
Leah Geiger, Adjunct Professor, Sociology
Rex Bishop, Professor, Business and Technology Division
Tom Kelley, Director, Procurement
Lisa Warren, Associate Director, Career Services
Karen Smith-Hupp, Senior Executive Director, Community Relations
Kayla Fraizer, Student

Standard 6: Integrity

Co-Chairs: Craig Patenaude, Vice President and General Counsel
Joe Burgin, Professor, Information Technology

Work Team: Dr. Cicero Fain, Assistant Professor, History
Natalie Cullen, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Ron Brown, Professor, Chair, Communication, Arts and Humanities Division
Jennifer Rupp, Director Compensation and Benefits, Human Resources
Bob Cochrane, Controller, Financial and Administrative Services
Regina Bowman-Goldring, Senior Executive Director, Student Services
Gina Starman, Student
Carrington Reeves, Student

Standard 7: Institutional Assessment

Co-Chairs: Dr. Bill Comey, Vice President, Student and Instructional Support Services
Dr. Kelly McMurray, Associate Vice President, Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Research

Work Team: Beth Settle, Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Tom Seremet, Professor, Math
Dr. Patrick Allen, Professor, Chair, Social Sciences, Human Services and Teacher Education Division
Ulana Koropeckj, Lead Academic Advisor
James Finger, Associate Vice President, Information Management
Jody Simpson, Executive Director, Student Services
Judy Mills, Grant and Contract Fiscal Coordinator

Standards 8&9: Student Admissions, Support and Retention

Co-Chairs: Ronda Jacobs, Director, Student Success Center
Sandy Poinsett, Professor, Mathematics

Work Team: Barbara Link, Adjunct Professor, English
Keith Hight, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Theatre Technical Director
Bill Williams, Program Coordinator, Hospitality Management
Richard Sicilian, Professor Languages and Literature
Athena Miklos, Professor Business, Economics and Legal Studies
Robin Young, Professor, Nursing
Nancy Gibson, Professor, Nursing
Joan Middleton, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Carol Harrison, Lead Director/Registrar
Susan Straus, Director, Advisement and Career Services
Joyce Embrey, Continuing Education Program Coordinator
Bobbie Diedrich, Student

Standard 10: Faculty

Co-Chairs: Mike Green, Professor, Business and Economics
Judith Allen-Leventhal, Professor, English

Work Team: Wendy Hume, Professor, Information Systems Security
Sue Strickland, Professor, Mathematics
Eleazer Ekwue, Professor, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering
Tonia Miles-Carvana, Assistant Director, Employment and Employee Relations
Audrey Yoho, Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Joel Kinison, Instructional Technology Coordinator
Tom Thayer, Director, Web Services
Mary Gmaz, Student

Standard 11: Educational Offerings

Co-Chairs: Rachel Drake, Professor, Business and Technical Studies
Barbara Scotland, Chair, Languages and Literature

Work Team: Joy Syring, Assistant Professor, English
Carolin McManus, Professor, Languages and Literature
Dawn Richards, Adjunct Professor, Sociology
Norm Bleakley, Adjunct Professor, Business and Technology
James Spence, Coordinator, Transfer Services and Articulation
Susan Ross, Executive Director, Workforce Development Programs
Glennis Daniels-Bacchus, Associate Director, Disability Support Services
Gladys Jones, Director, Administrative Services, Prince Frederick Campus
Erica Adedeji, Student

Standard 12: General Education

Co-Chairs: Dr. Laura Polk, Chair, Health Sciences
Michelle Simpson, Director, Integrative Learning Center

Work Team: Dr. María I. Bryant
Rob Farinelli, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Debbie Wilson, Assistant Professor, Languages and Literature
Doug Zabel, Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences
Janice Bonham, Professor, Health Sciences
Tom Repenning, Director, Library
Amy Carney, Assistant Director, Academic Advisement and Career Services
Nellie Pharr-Maletta, Assistant Director, Admissions
Earl Espanta, Student

Standard 13: Related Educational Offerings

Co-Chairs: Dr. Dan Mosser, Vice President, Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Andrea Ronaldi, Chair, Math, Physics and Engineering

Work Team: Dr. Barbara Abdul-Karim, Chair, Distance Learning and Faculty Development
Rose Miller, Professor, Nursing
Barbara Johnson, Associate Professor, English
Marcy Gannon, Executive Director, Auxiliary Services
Becky Cockerham, Lead Grants Development Specialist
Beverly Russell, Coordinator, Student Success Center
Tim Murphy, Director, Waldorf Center

Standard 14: Assessment of Student Learning

Co-Chairs: Dr. Sue Subocz, Interim Vice President, Academic Affairs
Bill Morton, Professor, Business and Economics

Work Team: Sara Cano, Associate Professor, Nursing
Steve Hundert, Professor, Mathematics
Cami Cooley, Lead Academic Planning and Assessment Coordinator
Michelle Ruble, Director, Student Life and Athletics
Theresa Johnson, Senior Executive Director, Marketing
Vince Dobbs, Lead Reference Librarian
Morgan Jordan, Student