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Social Sciences and Public Services

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Patrick Allen
Chair, SOC
College of Southern MD
8730 Mitchell Rd
PO Box 910
LaPlata, MD 20646

Adjunct Faculty

First Name Last Name Campus Discipline Email
James Anderson WALD POL
Kathleen Arban LAPL PSY
Colleen Brendlinger PRIN POL
Barbara Campbell LEON PSY
Edmund Campbell LEON SOC
Michael Collier LAPL/PRIN GRY
Kathryn Corley WALD EDU
Christopher Davies LEON GRY
Colleen Davies LEON POL
Erik Deahl LEON PSY
Roberta Dimond WALD PSY
Kelly Dobson LEON EDU
Yvette Dodson PRIN/LEON EDU
Beejay Dothard LEON HMS
Sheila Douglas LAPL SOC/PSY
Christiana Ekwue LAPL GRY
Vince Fighera WALD PSY
Cynthia Fitzsimmons LAPL/PRIN EDU/PSY
John Gallagher LEON HMS
Matt Geier LAPL PSY
Leah Geiger LAPL SOC
Stephanie Goodwin LAPL HMS
Elaine Hardee PRIN SOC
Robert Hardos LAPL SOC
Kathleen Harsh LEON EDU
Shaneeza Kazim LAPL EDU
Miriam Kimball LAPL PSY
Jamie Kline LAPL EDU
Catherine Letteney PRIN HMS
Teresa Lloyd LAPL PSY
Dennis Logan LAPL PSY
LouAnn Logue LAPL SOC
Charles Long LAPL PSY
Ruth Long PRIN EDU
John Lucero LAPL PSY
Janice Makholm PRIN SOC
Gwendolyn Mc Carter LAPL EDU
Denise McCloskey LAPL PSY
Harriett Nettles PRIN PSY
Louis Otts PRIN HMS
Raymond Petty PRIN PSY/SOC
Dawn Richards LAPL GRY/SOC
Jean Runyon LAPL EDU
Robert Scanlan LEON SOC
Tracy Smith LAPL EDU
Susan Subocz LAPL HLS
Amy Thorne LAPL EDU
Melanie Upright LAPL EDU
Aretha Williams LAPL EDU
William Williams LEON PSY
Denise Winfield PRIN SOC/PSY