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Scholars Program

Realize your Potential

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College of Southern Maryland
Scholars Program
8730 Mitchell Rd
PO Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646-0910

Christine Arnold-Lourie
Director, Scholars Program

Student Testimonial


Ana-Alecia Stauffer, 24, of Hollywood, was the first graduate in the college’s Scholars Program. Stauffer, who graduated from CSM with an associate’s degree in history in 2007 and who attended the University of Maryland College Park for a semester, returned to CSM while saving funds to continue toward a bachelor’s degree in history. “I didn’t want to stop coming to school,” said Stauffer, who added that her mentor, Professor Christine Arnold-Lourie, is encouraging her to continue to work toward her ultimate goal of a doctorate in history and a teaching career. “She has been wonderful and has been responsible for my love of history.”

Scholars Program

Application Essay

Write a maximum of 500 words (2 double spaced pages) in response to one of the following.

  1. You have done something so bad that you have been sentenced to an unplugged year (no computer, TV, cell phone, i-pod, anything with earphones, pda, calculator, etc). How do you imagine your life for that year? How might the experience affect you even after your sentence is up?
  2. You are attending a college that has decided that grades are irrelevant and even harmful to learning. No more grades. How do you react? Why? How might that work? Why would you learn more or less?
  3. What should your teachers understand about the way you and your friends think and learn? What would help them develop a better understanding of you and contribute to making your learning more lively and substantial?

Essay Format

Name, StudentID
Honors essay


Double Spaced Essay

The CSM Scholars committee is reading for content, ideas, logic, imagination and voice as well as good sentences, coherent paragraphs and a coherent composition.