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La Plata Campus
Michelle Ruble
Director Student Life and Athetics
CC Building, Room 101

Leonardtown Campus
Regina Bowman Goldring
Director Student Services
Building "A", Room 204A

Prince Frederick Campus
Ricardo Perez
Coordinator of Student Development
Building A, Student Services Suite

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Induction Ceremony

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Leadership Program Induction Ceremony

The induction ceremony for the CSM Chapter of The National Society of Leadership and Success occurs every May. This is a formal occasion welcoming pending members into the Society and encouraging their continued involvement. In order to be inducted, Society pending members must have completed all three steps in the membership process. The induction ceremony is an important opportunity to make a positive impact and memorable experience for members. It solidifies the effort they invested in earning their membership, and grants to access to a lifelong network with other members.

Newly Inducted Members

Congratulations to all of our inducted members. Thank you for hanging in there this past year. We wish you much success in your future endeavors.

May 2012 Photo Gallery

Karen Adams
Kevin Barber
Lynda Babieri-Strain
Taylor Britt
Christopher Burnett
Jan Capozzi
Gilles Che
Jessica Cooperstock
Joshua Cooperstock
Oliva Davis
Samson Defeugaing
Shanna Dennee
Marcie Dixon
Thamar Etienne
Alison Francis
Mary Gmaz

Kiara Greenwell
Dominique Hawthorne
Stephanie Hunter
Thomas Jaskulski
Kellee Johnson
Sonja Johnson
John Jones
Taylor Keen
Chelsea Lidh
Jamie Moore
Teresa Murphy
Edward Oller
Theresa Quarcoopome
Dwight Reid
Matthew Rhoades
Janiqua Robinson

Lauren Roots
Nanette Sparks
Grace Ann Stewart
Bernadette Supanick
Susan Thorp
Lonita Torney
Elaine Wade
Nikia Walker-Lyles
Joshua Warner
Ricky Washington
Jacqueline Waul
Tina Williams
Angela Wilt
Bernard Winchester
Joseph Wolski
Charles Worden

Past Induction Ceremony Photos