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Student Services

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College of Southern Maryland
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Tips to Being Successful at CSM

Take advantage of StartSmart orientations and services.

Prepare your semester schedule carefully.

Attend all class meeting times.

Be an active class participant and ask for appropriate help from faculty.

Utilize CSM Student Services resources.

Refer often to class syllabi and my.CSMD online services to stay informed of upcoming deadlines, responsibilities, and status.

...more tips.

Student Intervention

The College of Southern Maryland is concerned about the safety, health, and well-being of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. It is very important that everyone report Student Code of Conduct violations or concerning student behavior to ensure both campus safety and that those students in distress are given proper help and resources. The Student Behavior Incident Report Form was created to easily report these behaviors.

This online form should be used to report General Student Behavior Concerns, suspected violations of the Student Code of Conduct found in the Student Handbook, or suspected violations of the college’s standards for Academic Integrity.

College life is stressful at times for all students, but today, many students are juggling additional burdens with fewer supports. You may be the first person to recognize a student in distress.

How do I recognize a student in distress?

Every student is different, but here are some common “red flags”:

  • obvious changes in mood or behavior
  • tearfulness, depressed mood
  • threatening behavior and/or stalking
  • extreme restlessness, agitation
  • change in grades, class attendance, work habits
  • obvious anxiety, panic or avoidance behavior
  • coming to class drunk, high, hung-over
  • direct or indirect expressions of hopelessness/suicidal thoughts
  • disturbing material submitted in class work, papers, exams
  • evidence of self-inflicted harm: scars, cuts, burns, etc.
  • poor hygiene/inappropriate clothing
  • bizarre or unusual behavior or speech
  • significant weight changes
  • irritability, outbursts or disruptive behavior

Reporting your concern

Faculty, staff or students who have a concern about a student should report that concern by filling out and submitting the Student Behavior Incident Report Form online at Student Behavior Incident Report Form or by calling the office of the Vice President of Student and Instructional Support Services at 301-934-7509.

Serious life and safety concerns should be immediately reported by calling 911 or by contacting the Public Safety and Preparedness Department by calling 301-934-7888.