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Procedures for Requesting Services

Individuals are responsible for making timely requests for accommodation to meet their particular needs. Requests for accommodation/services must be made at least six weeks before the date that the services/accommodations will be needed. Requests made less than six weeks will be addressed in the order in which they are received. Individuals can access services by filling out a request for accommodations form and/or contacting the Student Success Center at the La Plata campus and the assistant ADA coordinators at the Leonardtown and Prince Frederick campuses. Request for service/accommodation is voluntary. Each individual requesting services/accommodations based on a disability is required to provide appropriate documentation, prepared by a qualified professional.

All students who require special accommodations while attending the College of Southern Maryland must comply with the following procedures:

  1. Students must register with the Student Success Center/Disability Support Office at least six weeks before the semester begins.  Students who do not follow the procedure for services will receive services in a timely manner, after the scheduled students. In order to begin the process, the student must fill out and return the SUPPORT SERVICES ACCOMMODATIONS REQUEST FORM (online version coming soon) to the Student Success Center/Disability Support Office (SSC) located in Room 123 in the LR. Building, the Leonardtown Student Services Office located in Room 217A in the C Building, or the Prince Frederick Student Services Office located in Room 101.
  2. Students must provide recent documentation of their disability(ies) from an appropriate licensed professional.  For medical disabilities, documentation must be provided by a medical doctor.  For Specific Learning Disabilities, a psycho-educational evaluation is appropriate from a psychologist, vocational rehabilitation counselor or other qualified licensed professional. An Individual Education Plan( IEP) will not be accepted as appropriate documentation of a disability.  For psychological disabilities, documentation must be provided by a psychologist or psychiatrist.
  3. Documentation must not be older than three years.
  4. Documentation for all disabilities must include the functional limitation of the disability(ies) and the impact of the disability in an academic setting.  All documentation must be on letterhead, typewritten with the evaluator’s name, credentials and telephone number.
  5. Students who are visually impaired or dyslexic are encouraged to register with "Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic." Forms are available in the Student Success Center/Disability Support Office located in Room 123 in the LR. Building.
  6. All requested accommodations must be supported by documentation. Students are required to fill out and return the yellow form to the Student Success Center (SSC) each semester they register for classes and are requesting services.
  7. Students must pick up their accommodation letter from the Disability Support Services Office in the Student Success Center, or the Leonardtown or Prince Frederick Student Services Office. All accommodation letters must be read and signed by the faculty and student. The original must be returned to the Disability Support Services Office in the Student Success Center.
  8. If a tape recorder is used to tape lectures and labs, it can only be used by the student. Taped lectures or labs that are accommodations may not be shared with others and/or sold in any form.
  9. Students with disabilities have the same responsibilities as all other students regarding class attendance and assignments. Students who are or may be absent due to illness or hospitalization must contact their professor and/or the ADA Coordinator in the Student Success Center to discuss arrangements for making up assignments.