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Continuing Education

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Summer 2015 Schedules (June - August 2015)

Community Education
Summer 2015 Schedule (.pdf)

Workforce Development
Summer 2015 Schedule (.pdf)

Fall 2015 Schedules (August - December 2015)

Community Education
Fall 2015 Schedule (.pdf) 

Workforce Development
Fall 2015 Schedule (.pdf) 

Please be advised that the Interactive PDF versions of the continuing education schedules are for reference only and do not reflect course availability or cancellations. For the most up-to-date information about course availability, please use Online Services.

General Information for Continuing Education


Costs are listed with each course description. Full payment of tuition and fees or third-party payment documentation must accompany the completed registration form(s). Students are individually responsible for payment of tuition, fees, and all other charges.

Additional Tuition and Fees

Additional Tuition & Fees for Continuing Education Classes
Reason Amount
Legal residents of Maryland residing outside of the tri-county area $5 more per course
Out-of-state residents $10 more per course
Letter of Recognition no cost
Replacement of letter of recognition no cost
Check returned NSF (not refundable) $50.00

Proof of Residency

To be eligible for in-county or in-state rates, please sign a statement on the Continuing Education Registration form certifying that you've lived at your current address for at least three consecutive months. Adjustments of tuition will not be made once the class starts, even if you move.

If you have questions or wish to review your residency status, contact the Admissions Office at 301-934-7520 or 301-475-6707, ext. 7520.

Free Tuition for Senior Citizens

If you are a Maryland resident, 60 years of age or older as defined by the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Act, you need not pay the course tuition for most courses, if the course has sufficient enrollment to be conducted. However, you are still responsible for all other related costs and fees.

Employees of Maryland Business and Industry May Receive In-County Tuition Rate

You can save money if you are an employer who maintains facilities, operates, or does business in Maryland and pays employee tuition. The College of Southern Maryland has developed a cost-saving agreement that allows Maryland employers to be charged lower, in-county tuition rates for their employees not living in the Southern Maryland area.

To be eligible, employers must pay the tuition for their employees taking College of Southern Maryland credit or continuing education courses. Employers must sign the Business In-County Tuition Rate Agreement and submit it with the employee registration.

Please call the Admissions Office at 301-934-7530 for more information.

Request for Certificate of Completion

If you have completed all of the required courses in a Continuing Education Certificate Program and would like to receive a certificate, please complete the  Application for Continuing Education Certificate (CEC) here.

Schedule Changes/Withdrawal

To add or drop a class, you must make the change through myCSMD or by submitting a Change of Schedule form (PDF, 16.8 KB) at any of our campus locations.

Adding into Closed Classes

Occasionally, seats will become available in a class that has been closed. You can monitor seat openings through myCSMD. If a seat become available, you can add the class online or in person at one of our campus locations. Payment is required at the time of the registration.


Sometimes books for continuing education classes are not available  in the College Store until three days prior to the start of class. It is recommended that you contact the College Store to be sure that your book is available before attempting to purchase your book in person. The College Store an be reached at 301-934-7570. Most textbooks can be purchased online at Textbooks for Ed2Go classes are usually not available at the college store and should be purchased on Amazon or other book retailer. Detailed information for Ed2Go textbooks if required are on the requirements page for the course.

Under 16?

All courses are intended for persons over the age of 16, unless specifically stated for youth. If you have any questions, contact the Registrar's Office for information.

Course Cancellations

The college reserves the right to cancel any course due to unforeseen circumstances. However, every attempt will be made to prevent undue hardships on students. Students enrolled in courses cancelled by the college will automatically receive full refund of tuition and fees.


Students wishing to drop a course and receive a refund must make the change through myCSMD or submit a Change of Schedule form (PDF, 16.8 KB) at any of our campus locations. Refunds will first be applied to any past-due balances owed the college and will be made in accordance to the Tuition Refund Policy as outlined by the Bursar's office.

To verify a refund date, contact the Registrar's Office at the La Plata Campus.

Refund Policy

Students officially withdrawing from a credit or continuing education course during the published period are eligible for a refund. Students withdrawing after the normal refund period will not receive a refund.

In extreme circumstances, when the student is forced to withdraw after the normal refund period, the college will consider granting a partial refund of tuition and fees. To be eligible for consideration, the student must meet the criteria described in the Involuntary Withdrawal Policy and must submit a written request and all documentation to the Registrar's Office. For more information or to submit an appeal, please visit

Refund Procedure

A student officially withdrawing by the last college business day prior to the start of a class is eligible for a 100 percent refund of tuition and applicable fees (see the schedule to determine those fees which are refundable). In addition,

For courses that last 14 weeks or longer:

  • 100% refund prior to the first day of class
  • 100% refund during the first week (the 7 calendar day period following the first day of class)
  • 50% refund during the second week (the next 7 calendar day period)
  • 0% refund after the second week

For courses that last 6 to 13 weeks:

  • 100% refund prior to the first day of class
  • 100% refund during the first two days following the start of class (does not include the first day of class)
  • 75% refund during the remainder of the first week (the next 5 calendar day period)
  • 50% refund during the second week (the next 7 calendar day period)
  • 0% refund after the second week

For courses that last 15 days to 5 weeks:

  • 100% refund prior to the first day of class
  • 100% refund during the first two days following the start of class (does not include the first day of class)
  • 0% refund after the first two days

For courses that last 14 days or fewer:

  • 100% refund prior to the first day of class
  • 0% refund on the first day of class or late

Continuing Education Unit

The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized method for recording participation in a continuing education (credit-free) program that does not carry credit toward a degree but does meet established criteria for increasing knowledge and competencies. One CEU is awarded for each 10 contact hours to those students who complete a minimum of 80 percent of an organized continuing education course.

CEU Award Criteria

Students wishing to earn CEUs must:

  • Demonstrate completion of all course objectives, skills, or assignments listed on the course outline.
  • Attend a minimum of 80% of the course sessions (more stringent criteria may be applied to the definition of “successful completion” of any or all of the courses at the discretion of CSM or its clients). Attendance will be taken for every class as part of the college's recordkeeping system and to meet the criteria for awarding CEUs.

CEU Record

Continuing education students can acquire a continuing education record that will list the continuing education units completed, beginning with the 2004 spring semester. Students may obtain a continuing education record one of several ways:

  1. Records can be obtained by using Online Services.
  2. Students may visit the campus and request their record. Students may wait and pick up their record at the Express Counter in the AD building on the La Plata Campus during normal business hours (M-Th, 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., and F, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.).
  3. Students may also request their record by mail or fax. Please send a request to the Registrar's Office and include the following (or fill out the continuing education record request form):
    • Name (and any former names used)
    • Current mailing address
    • A contact phone number in case of questions
    • Social security number and Student ID number (if known)
    • Last semester attended
    • Number of transcripts requested
    • The address(es) to send the record(s)
    • Your signature

Voter Registration

Maryland voter registration applications are available at the Student Life Office at each campus.

Applications may be turned in at the Student Life Office, or mailed to the Board of Supervisors of Elections in the county where you reside.

For more information, contact the Student Life Office at 301-934-7508.

Services for Students with Disabilities

For information on services for student with disabilities, contact the Academic Support Services/ADA Coordinator.