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Steps To A Successful Transfer

 5 Steps to a successful transfer image

Dear Transferring Student:
On the next several pages, there are five specific steps you should follow to help make your transfer experience to a four-year institution a positive one. As you complete each step, record the outcome in the spaces provided; then keep this list as documentation of your results. Before you begin with "Step One," keep these important things in mind:

  • The responsibility for getting accurate transfer information is yours! You need to verify all transfer information with the school to which you want to apply.
  • Plan your course selection carefully. Work with your faculty advisor to ensure meeting CSM's graduation requirements while satisfying general education requirements, and any prerequisites for your major, at the four- year school.
  • Keep your grades as high as possible. Seek help from your instructors and the Academic Support Center when needed. Save all of your course syllabi-they may help to justify transfer credit later.
  • Explore alternatives; widen your search for transfer opportunities, and you may find a school that is perfect for you. Plan on applying to more than one school.
  • Stay organized by keeping files of all correspondence you have with your new college(s).
  • Find out about all deadlines and stay ahead of them.
  • Familiarize yourself with these resources available on campus:


 Step 1 side image
 Step 1 number 1 image Identify the career and course of study you wish to pursue.  Step 2 number 2 image Gather information on potential schools & narrow choices to a "short list."  Step 3 number 3 image Choose 3-4 schools that are right for you & will help you meet your goals.  Step 4 number 4 image Complete and mail applications to your chosen schools.  Step 5 Final Step image Complete your CSM graduation requirements& complete the transfer process.


Muriel M. Shishkoff. Transferring Made Easy. 1991 Peterson's Guides: Princeton, NJ.