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College of Southern Maryland

College of Southern Maryland


University of Maryland Maryland Transfer Advantage Program CSM

A partnership of the University of Maryland College Park with the College of Southern Maryland.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the advantage to a CSM student?

CSM students participating in MTAP will have the following benefits:

  • Advising that is targeted toward an interest in completion of a degree at UMCP.
  • Invitation to special MTAP programs offered by UMCP.
  • Opportunity to complete courses at UMCP while enrolled at the community college. (Go to the Taking Classes Web page for details.)
  • Assured transfer-admission to UMCP upon successful completion of the program.

Who should apply?

  • Students presently attending CSM who are considering a four-year degree and plan to transfer to UMCP.
  • New students who intend to complete a program at CSM and then plan to transfer to UMCP.

  • MTAP is not for students admitted as Freshman to UMCP.
  • MTAP is not for CSM students already in the process of applying for transfer to UMCP.
  • MTAP does not provide special consideration for UMCP Limited Enrollment Program Admissions.

How do I apply?

New CSM students:

Students currently enrolled at CSM:

For more information on how to apply, visit the Applying to MTAP Web page.

Does MTAP encompass all University of Maryland schools (i.e., UMUC, UM Baltimore, UM Eastern Shore)?

No; MTAP applies to the University of Maryland College Park and the Universities at Shady Grove only.

For more information, visit the MTAP Homepage.

CSM has a separate transfer program with UMUC. Get more information on the CSM/UMUC Dual Enrollment program.

Have I been accepted?

UMCP will notify students by mail regarding their acceptance to MTAP.

For more information, visit the Acceptance Notification Web page.

How do I know if my classes will transfer to UMCP?

Advisors at CSM and UMCP will work with you to choose classes and make a plan.

For more information, visit the Taking Classes Web page.

Does an A.A.S. meet the requirements for MTAP completion?

No; an A.A.S. does not require the completion of the needed General Education requirements to complete MTAP. A student may complete an A.A.S. and the requirements for a General Education Transfer Certificate in order to meet the MTAP requirements.

For more information, visit the MTAP Requirements Web page.

What if I change my mind and decide to go to another school?

MTAP does not bind students if they choose other schools.

I've earned college credits at another school or while I was a high school student. Can I apply those toward the MTAP requirements?

Yes; however, at least 15 credits must be earned at CSM before completing the program. See the Guidelines for transferring credits to CSM for more details on how credits are transferred and talk with an academic advisor to learn more.


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