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Career Options

Students who graduate with an Engineering degree and transfer to earn their bachelor's degree, can earn anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 annually after graduation.  They have several career options such as those listed below, most of which require a bachelor's degree.

Career Options:
Engineering Technician
Physical Science Technician
Broadcast Technician
Aerospace Engineer*
Chemical Engineer*
Mechanical Engineer*

*Requires a bachelor's degree
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Points of Distinction
Qualified students will have access to a variety of opportunities, such as:
  1. Internship during summer and semester breaks at NAWCAD, Patuxent River Naval Air Station

  2. Individualized academic advisement at the College of Southern Maryland

  3. Transfer with junior status to UMD with 61 credits completed

  4. Full-time permanent employment as an engineer with NAWCAD/DoD following graduation from UMD.
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