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CSM physics Professor Dick Beers loves what he does. He becomes animated as he explains his love of the classroom and his desire to make physics understandable to everyone. He always wanted to teach, but his career in nuclear weapons and national response got in the way. The Yale graduate ended his career as the CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm and willingly took a major pay cut to teach at CSM’s Prince Frederick campus. Professor Beers knows people often have preconceived notions about physicists—that they have unkempt hair and that they’re boring. He also knows he can undo those notions in a few class sessions. He’s known for his effective use of physics “toys” such as a solar-powered model car and a pendulum. He gets students involved and he starts out using terms everyone knows—relating complex topics to common items.

“I’m trying to get people interested and excited about physics,”
said the Yale graduate.
Instructor with students
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CSM Physics Professor and Yale graduate Dick Beers becomes animated when talking about physics. READ MORE
Points of Distinction
Qualified students will have access to a variety of opportunities, such as:
  1. Internship during summer and semester breaks at NAWCAD, Patuxent River Naval Air Station

  2. Individualized academic advisement at the College of Southern Maryland

  3. Transfer with junior status to UMD with 61 credits completed

  4. Full-time permanent employment as an engineer with NAWCAD/DoD following graduation from UMD.
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