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Programs of Study

Business Administration

Award: Associate of Science
Number of credits required: 61
Locations: La Plata Campus (LAPL) Leonardtown Campus (LEON) Prince Frederick Campus (PRIN)
Offered: Days And Evenings
Contact: W. Hume, Department Liaison


This curriculum prepares the student to transfer into a business administration baccalaureate program at a four-year college or university. It is a broad-based program including a sound foundation in general education which prepares the student for specialization in business areas in the junior and senior years. Students who wish to earn a bachelor's degree majoring in accoutning should also enroll in this program. To assure maximum transferability of credits, students are urged to consult with a counselor early in this program of study. This program is fully available online.

The maximum number of credits accepted in transfer from other institutions to this program is 45.

Required courses:

Take ACC-2010 ACC-2020 BAD-2070 COM-1010 ECN-1015 ECN-2010 ECN-2020 ENG-1010 ENG-1020 MTH-2300


Take 3 credits from General Education Courses listing except ENG courses

Biological/Physical Science:

Take 7 credits from General Education Courses listing At least one lab course must be taken.Lab credit identified in Group 1. Course may also appear in Group 2, but credit only counted once.Credit may not be earned for both BIO-1010 /L and BIO-1070 /L.Credit may not be earned for both BIO-1020 /L and BIO-1060 /L.

Computer data pro.:

Take 3 credits; from courses BAD-1330 ITS-1015 ITS-1110

Social/Behavior Science:

Take 3 credits from General Education Courses listing (except ECN)


Take 3 credits; from MTH-1200 MTH-1560


Take 12 credits from any courses number 1001 and above except MTH-1040

Last Update: May 9, 2012