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College of Southern Maryland
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High School Visits - CSM Placement Test

CSM will be at your local high school to administer the CSM Placement Test. The test assesses students' skills in order to determine critical reading, writing and mathematics levels.

When will you be at my high school?

Contact the Admissions office at 301-934-2251 (option 9) to find out when an enrollment advisor will be visiting your high school.

What will you be doing?

You'll be taking a CSM Placement Test to determine critical reading, writing and mathematics levels.


Why should you take it?

If you plan to attend CSM, you will need these results to register for classes. Tests are also given at any CSM campus, but the convenience of taking the test at your high school makes it easy.


How to reserve a seat

Contact your high school counselor to sign-up for the event or contact the Call Center for more information.