High School Students

Get a jump on your college education and save money by enrolling at CSM while you’re still in high school. We have a variety of admissions programs for students who attend a secondary school or home-school program or who are younger than 18 and have not graduated.

Dual Enrollment Student

Dual Enrollment Students

Dual Enrollment refers to students taking classes at CSM that count as college credit as well satisfy high school graduation requirements. Confirm with your high school counselor the transferability of CSM courses to meet high school graduation requirements.

Gifted / Talented Student

Gifted/Talented Students

If you are younger than 16 and have completed the seventh grade in a gifted/talented program at your school, you may be eligible to attend CSM.

Home School Student

Home School Students

If you're currently in a home school program or have already earned your high school equivalency diploma or certificate, find out which programs you're eligible to enroll in.