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Business and Technology Division

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James Fehr
Professor and Interim Division Chair
College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Rd.
P.O. Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646


Adjunct Faculty

Name Campus Discipline Email
Armstrong, Jeffrey WALD ACC
Bacchus, Mohamed N. LAPL/WALD ITS
Bleakley, Albert N.  LAPL/LEON ITS
Boswell, Walter LAPL ACC
Bryan, Clark E. LEON ACC
Burdick, Brent PRIN ACC/BAD
Cooley, Cami LAPL ECN
Dennis, Stacy LAPL BAD
Elliott, Naomi E.  LAPL OFT
Elmore, William L.  PRIN/LEON ELT
George, David LEON ECN
Grable, Chris LEON BAD
Heath, Karen PRIN ACC
Hoffman, Raymond J.  LEON ITS
Howard, David L. LAPL ITS
Jacobs, Ronda L.  LAPL ITS
Jump, Jane C. WEB BAD
League, Gary E.  LAPL ITS
Marshall, Ronald J. LAPL/WALD ECN
Nalley, Robert C. (Chris) LAPL BAD/PGL
Owens, Alexis LAPL PGL
Richardson, Mike LEON ECN
Ripley, Chris WALD ECN, BAD
Runyon, Jean M.  LAPL ITS
Russell, Joseph I. (Russ) LEON ACC
Simeone, Stephen F. WALD ACC/BAD
Smith, Timothy LEON ECN
Sparks, Paul J. LAPL ITS
Spruill, Edric LAPL/WALD ITS
Strong, Maria M.  LAPL/WALD ITS
Wells, Edward G. (Greg) PRIN PGL