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Business and Technology Division

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James Fehr
Professor and Interim Division Chair
College of Southern Maryland
8730 Mitchell Rd.
P.O. Box 910
La Plata, MD 20646


Course Syllabi

ACC-1015           Fundamentals of Accounting Practice

ACC-1950           Accounting Internship

ACC-2010           Principles of Accounting I

ACC-2015           Automated Accounting Systems

ACC-2020           Principles of Accounting II

ACC-2027           Federal Income Tax Accounting I

ACC-2100           Intermediate Accounting I

ACC-2110           Intermediate Accounting II

ACC-2310           Auditing

ACC-2340           Cost Accounting

ACC-2681           Business Finance

ACC-2910           Cooperative Education I: Accounting

ACC-2920           Cooperative Education II: Accounting

BAD-1210            Principles of Management

BAD-1300            Business Mathematics

BAD-1335            Applied Business Communications

BAD-1520            Starting and Operating a Small Business

BAD-1530            Applied Small Business Management

BAD-1550            Fundamentals of International Commerce

BAD-1680            Customer Relations

BAD-1780            Elements of Supervision

BAD-1810            Introduction to Public Administration

BAD-1820            Principles of Banking

BAD-1910            Cooperative Education: Business

BAD-2070            Business Law I

BAD-2080            Business Law II

BAD-2610            Principles of Marketing

BAD-2620            Principles of Advertising

BAD-2640            Fundamentals of E-Business

BAD-2660            International Business Practice Firm

BAD-2700            Human Resource Management

BAD-2710            Human Relations and Leadership

BAD-2910            Cooperative Education I: Business

BAD-2920            Cooperative Education II: Business

BAD-2950            Independent Study in Business

CNT-1010             Construction Methods & Materials

CNT-1020             Construction Specifications & Estimating

CNT-1030             Construction Project Management

CNT-2010             Construction Contracts and Related Laws

CNT-2020             Construction Surveying

CNT-2910             Cooperative Education I

CNT-2920             Cooperative Education II

CNT-2930             Cooperative Education III

DFT-1200             Engineering Graphics

DFT-1320             Computer-Aided Drafting I

DFT-1340             Computer-Aided Drafting II

DFT-1360             Computer-Aided Drafting III

ECN-1015             Introduction to Business in a Market Economy

ECN-1200             Introduction to Economics

ECN-1500             U.S. Economic History

ECN-1510             Principles of Entrepreneurship

ECN-2010             Principles of Economics I

ECN-2010             Principles of Macroeconomics

ECN-2020             Principles of Microeconomics

ECN-2100             International Economics

 EGT-1015            Exploring Engineering Technology

EGT-1020             Electrical Systems Documentation and Standards

EGT-1030             Motors, Generators and Industrial Electrical Systems

EGT-1040             Discrete Control Systems

EGT-1300             Basic Mechanics

EGT-2010             Thermodynamics and Heat Exchangers

EGT-2040             Measurement Theory

EGT-2910             Cooperative Education I: Engineering Technology

EGT-2920             Cooperative Education II: Engineering Technology

ELT-1015              Basic Electronics

ELT-1030              Semiconductors

ELT-2015              Analog Electronic Circuits

ELT-2017              Operational Amplifiers and Introduction to Communications                                      

ELT-2020              Computer Circuits

ELT-2022              Computer Logic and Programmable Logic Controllers

ELT-2030              Communication Circuits

HPM-1015           Hospitality Management

HPM-1110           Managing Front Office Operations

HPM-1120           Managing Housekeeping and Facilities

HPM-1210           Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations

HPM-1310           Managing Service in Hospitality Operations

HPM-2110           Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

HPM-2210           Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

HPM-2310           Management Information Systems for the Hospitality Industry

HPM-2910           Cooperative Education :Hospitality

ITS-1015               The Information Age: Emerging Technologies

ITS-1020               Operating Systems Concepts

ITS-1040               Systems Analysis and Design

ITS-1045               Fundamentals of Electronics

ITS-1110               Program Design and Development

ITS-1120               Introduction to Database

ITS-1200               Internet and Web Application Essentials

ITS-1205               Internet and Web Application Essentials

ITS-1220               Principles of OOP and JavaScript

ITS-1390               Programming Concepts for Engineering

ITS-1810               Database Applications Programming

ITS-1820               Advanced Database Applications Processing

ITS-1960               Introduction to UNI

ITS-2090               Computer Security

ITS-2120               Local Area Network Administration

ITS-2185               Configuring Microsoft Client

ITS-2190               Window Server Administration Environment

ITS-2200               Managing Windows Network Infrastructure

ITS-2210               Planning and Maintaining Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

ITS-2220               Configuring Windows Server Active Directory

ITS-2230               Designing Security for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network

ITS-2235               Planning and Configuring Windows Server Applications

ITS-2240               Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network

ITS-2240               Implementing and Administering Security in a Microsoft Windows Server Network

ITS-2245               Windows Enterprise Network Administration

ITS-2250               Data Communications

ITS-2260               Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server

ITS-2430               Information Technology Center Support

ITS-2450               Decision Support Systems

ITS-2470               PC Service and Support

ITS-2490               Windows Programming

ITS-2492               Programming for the Web Using .NET Technology

ITS-2500               Ethical Hacking

ITS-2510               Cisco Networking I

ITS-2515               Cisco Networking 2

ITS-2520               Cisco Networking 3

ITS-2525               Cisco Networking 4

ITS-2530               Hardening the Infrastructure

ITS-2535               Network Defense and Countermeasures

ITS-2545               Information Systems Security

ITS-2550               Digital Forensics

ITS-2591               Computer Science I

ITS-2592               Computer Science II

ITS-2600               Advanced Web Authoring

ITS-2620               Web Graphics and Multimedia

ITS-2640               Basic Web Server Setup and Security

ITS-2645               Web Server Setup and Security

ITS-2650               Web Design and Visual Communications

ITS-2690               Web Programming

ITS-2740               Data Structures and Algorithms

ITS-2750               Computer Architecture

ITS-2900               Capstone Experience

ITS-2910               Cooperative Education I: Computer

ITS-2930               Web Project Based Learning Applications

ITS-2940               Cyber Ethics

MFT-1010            Manufacturing Technology I

MFT-1020            Quality Assurance and Inspection

MFT-1051            Manufacturing Energetic Materials

MFT-1120            CAD/CAM: Drawing Designs in Manufacturing

MFT-1160            Computer Numerical Controls

MFT-2010            Manufacturing Technology II

MFT-2020            Quality Assurance and Inspection II

MFT-2030            Production Inventory Control

MFT-2060            Managing Manufacturing Projects

MFT-2080            New Approaches to Manufacturing

MFT-2110            Basic Ordnance Technology

OFT-1001             Keyboarding

OFT-1002             Document Processing

OFT-1003             Medical Claims Processing

OFT-1010             Keyboarding and Document Processing

OFT-1015             Keyboard Speed building

OFT-1051             Information and Records Management

OFT-1091             Launching Your Office Career

OFT-1092             Business Communications for the Office

OFT-1093             Leadership and Workplace Ethics

OFT-1201             Windows and Computer Basics

OFT-1202             Windows and the Internet

OFT-1203             Business and the Internet

OFT-1302             Beginning Excel

OFT-1303             Beginning Access

OFT-1304             Beginning PowerPoint

OFT-1305             Beginning Word

OFT-1306             Beginning Publisher

OFT-1307             Beginning Microsoft Project

OFT-1402             Intermediate Excel

OFT-1403             Intermediate Access

OFT-1404             Intermediate PowerPoint

OFT-1405             Intermediate Word

OFT-1406             Intermediate Publisher

OFT-1407             Intermediate Microsoft Project

OFT-1502             Advanced Excel

OFT-1503             Advanced Access

OFT-1505             Advanced Word

OFT-1620             Integrating MS Suite Applications

OFT-1704             Medical Transcription I

OFT-1706             Medical Transcription II

OFT-1712             Medical Administrative Office Operations

OFT-1802             Legal Transcription I

OFT-1806             Cooperative Education I: Office Technology

PGL-1011             Introduction to Paralegal Studies I

PGL-1012             Introduction to Paralegal Studies II

PGL-1041             Legal Ethics/Law Office Management

PGL-1210             Legal Research

PGL-2110             Domestic Law

PGL-2140             Wills, Trusts, and Estates

PGL-2150             Real Estate Transactions

PGL-2180             Torts

PGL-2220             Legal Writing

PGL-2410             Litigation and Discovery

PGL-2910             Cooperative Education I: Paralegal

PGL-2920             Cooperative Education II: Paralegal

PGL-2953             Independent Study for Paralegals