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Office Technology

Realize your Potential

Contact Us

Business and Technology Division Chair:
Robert Gates
Phone: 301.934.7556

Office Technology Program Coordinator:
Daphne Powell


Stacy Dennis

Naomi Elliot

Andre Fusilier

Important Notices

Student Orientation:

There is no mandated Orientation, all OFT courses are web-based please locate your course on Black Board and/or contact your instructor.

Office Technology (OFT)

On-line Courses

Office Technology courses run each month (except April, August and December).Office Technology course are delivered via on-line modules through BlackBoard under the guidance of a faculty member.  Students may choose to complete class assignments in a college lab at any of the four CSM campuses, or from home or any other appropriately equipped site.  More than 25 courses currently available in the format including: Keyboarding, Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, Publisher or Legal Transcription.  In many cases, coursework prepares students to become certified as Microsoft Office Specailist (MOS) or a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS).  MOS and MCAS testing are available in the college's Testing Center.

Registration for classes is open until the 6:00 p.m. on the first day of class.  The first day of class Black Board will be accessible.

Please contact the Office Technology Program Coordinator Daphne Powell for more information


OFT Certificate programs

OFT Letter of Recognition programs