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Biological and Physical Sciences

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Course Syllabi

Course Name Title
AST-1010 Introduction to Astronomy
BIO-1010 Botany
BIO-1010L Botany Lab
BIO-1020 Zoology
BIO-1020L Zoology Lab
BIO-1040 Intro Human Anat/Physiol
BIO-1040L Human Anat/Physio Lab
BIO-1060 Principles of Biology I
BIO-1060L Principles of Biology I Lab
BIO-1070 Principles of Biology II
BIO-1070L Principles of Biology II Lab
BIO-1080 Bio/Eco/Of the Ches. Bay
BIO-1200 Intro to Oceanography
BIO 1650 Survey of Microbiology
BIO-2010 Microbiology
BIO-2010L Microbiology Lab
BIO-2017 General Ecology
BIO-2017L General Ecology
BIO-2030 Marine Biology
BIO-2030L Marine Biology Laboratory
BIO-2040 Principles of Genetics
BIO-2040L Principles of Genetics Lab
BIO-2070 Human Anatomy/Phys I
BIO-2070L Human Anatomy/Phys I, Lab
BIO-2080 Human Anatomy/Phys II
BIO-2080L Human Anatomy/Phys II Lab
BIO-2160 Principles of Nutrition
BIO-2800 Human Pathophysiology
CHE-1000 Introductory Chemistry
CHE-1200 General Chemistry I
CHE-1200L General Chemistry I Lab
CHE-1210 General Chemistry II
CHE-1210L General Chemistry II Lab
CHE-1230 Prin Organic and Biochem
CHE-1230L Prin Organic/Biochem Lab
CHE-1350 Chemistry for Engineers
CHE-2200 Organic Chemistry I
CHE-2200L Organic Chemistry I - Lab
CHE-2210 Organic Chemistry II
CHE-2210L Organic Chemistry II - Lab
ENV-1020 Earth Science
ENV-1020L Earth Science Lab
ENV-1100 Environment Careers
ENV-1300 Environmental Science
ENV-1300L Environmental Science Lab
ENV-1400 Environmental Law and Reg
ENV-1500 Environmental Management
ENV-1650 Site Grading & Erosion Control
ENV-1650L Site Grading & Erosion Lab
ENV-1750 Pollution Prevention
ENV-1803 Environmental Monitoring
ENV-1900 Environmental Planning
GEO-1010 Physical Geology
GEO-1010L Physical Geology Lab