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Communication, Arts, and Humanities

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Dr. Stephen Johnson
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A Gift from the Chappelear Family

 Larry Chappelear's painting

The family of painter and avid sportsman Professor Larry Chappelear, has made a wonderful gift to CSM of one of his abstract paintings, Juniper II, 2004, mixed media on panel, now hanging in the FA Theatre Lobby.  From 1973 to his retirement in 2011, Larry was an advocate and coordinator for the Studio Arts program, promoted exhibits of visiting artists that led to the founding of the Tony Hungerford Art Gallery, became a  popular professor who helped thousands of students acquire a greater appreciation of the arts and more skill in expressing their own artistry, and married potter and fellow faculty member Susan Chappelear.  We missed Larry when he retired from the college family and came to miss him even more when he passed away in the early months of his retirement. Juniper II, is all the more treasured as an addition to the college's art collection; for his work will serve as a lasting memory of his contributions to the college and his skill and creativity as a painter. 

Communication, Arts, and Humanities

CAH Chair:
Dr. Stephen Johnson

Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music

La Plata Campus



The Communication, Arts and Humanities Division seeks to empower students in their personal, academic, and professional lives by expanding their communication skills and abilities, cultural experiences and knowledge of the fine arts, performing arts, and the humanities, and by enhancing their  self expression skills through the ideas inherent in the arts and humanities.  Through a wide array of college-level credit courses, students will have opportunities to increase their knowledge in communication, improve their critical thinking abilities, and broaden their appreciation and knowledge of the arts, humanities and cultural diversity.  

The divisional mission includes the following goals. 
1.   Serve all academic programs with general education courses and academic
      knowledge and skills.
2.   Provide high-quality content specialization courses aimed at transfer
3.   Provide community service through arts related programs and exhibitions.
4.   Support faculty members to improve continually in their disciplines, learning
      strategies, teaching skills, retention initiatives, and to serve the college and
      community intellectually.






Art History    George Bedell  
Digital Media Production   Alan Lifton  
Communication    Dr. Sarah Merranko
Graphic Design    Katherine Sifers  
History    Dr. Christine Arnold-Lourie   
Media Studies    Michelle Christian
Music   Dr. Stephen Johnson  
Philosophy    Dr. Richard Bilsker   
Studio Arts - Drawing and Painting   Andy Wodzianski  
Studio Arts - Pottery/Ceramics    Lindsay Pichaske
Studio Arts - Photography    George Bedell   
Theatre & Dance   Keith Hight   


Disciplines in the CAH Division tap into your creativeness while increasing your ability to communicate accurately, professionally and vividly.