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Communication, Arts, and Humanities

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Course Syllabi

Course Syllabi in Communication, Arts and Humanities:

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Digital Media Production






ART -1010   History of Western Art - Prehistoric to 14th Century Italy
ART -1020  History of Western Art - Renaissance to Modern
ART -1025   Introduction to World Architecture
ART -1030  Introduction to Art Appreciation
ART -1035   History of Photography
ART -1045  History of American Art
ART -1055  The Art of Ancient Americas
ART -1065   The Art of Italian Renaissance
ART -1075   The Art of Native Cultures
ART -1120  Interior Design I
ART -1130  Interior Design II
ART -1200   Basic Design
ART -1210  Color Theory and Practice
ART -1220  Basic Drawing I
ART -1230  Intermediate Drawing
ART -1240  Basic Oil/Acrylic Painting I
ART -1250  Intermediate Oil/Acrylic Painting
ART -1300  Graphic Design I
ART -1310  Graphic Design II
ART -1320  Basic Computer Animation
ART -1330  Cooperative Education I: Digital Imaging
ART -1340   Cooperative Education II: Digital Imaging
ART -1500  Basic Photography
ART -1505  Digital Photography I
ART -1510  Intermediate Photography
ART -1515  Digital Photography II
ART -1520   Advanced Photography
ART -1540  Photo Journalism
ART -2020  Integration of the Arts
ART -2200   Beginning Ceramics
ART -2210  Intermediate Ceramics
ART-2220  Advanced Ceramics
ART-2230   Introduction to Wheel-Thrown Ceramics
ART-2240  Ceramic Sculpture
ART-2701   Advanced Studio Arts: Drawing I
ART-2705   Advanced Studio Arts: Painting I
ART-2801  Advanced Studio Arts: Drawing II
ART-2805   Advanced Studio Arts: Painting II
ART-2901   Advanced Studio Arts: Drawing III
ART-2905   Advanced Studio Arts: Painting III


COM-1010   Basic Principles of Speech Communication
COM-1020   Introduction to Mass Communication
COM-1040  Beginning Sign Language 
COM-1050   Beginning Sign Language II
COM-1060   Intermediate Sign Language I 
COM-1070   Intermediate Sign Language II
COM-1250   Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
COM-1350   Intercultural Communication
COM-1450   Groups, Teams, and Leadership
COM-1650   Introduction to Public Speaking
COM-2300   Introduction to Media Writing
COM-2910   Cooperative Education: Communication
COM-2950   Issues in Contemporary Communication


DAN-1010   Dance Ensemble I
DAN-1020   Dance Ensemble II
DAN-1030   Dance Ensemble III
DAN-1040   Dance Ensemble IV
DAN-1050   Beginning Ballet I
DAN-1055   Beginning Ballet II
DAN-1060   Intermediate Ballet
DAN-1065   Advanced Ballet
DAN-1070   Jazz Dance I
DAN-1080   Jazz Dance II 
DAN-1090   Intermediate Jazz Dance III
DAN-1200   Advanced Jazz Dance IV
DAN-1210   History of Western Dance
DAN-1300   Advanced Jazz Dance IV
 Video Field Production
DMP-1020  Television Studio Production
 TV News Production
DMP-2020  Advanced TV Studio Production
DMP-2030  Documentary Production
DMP-2400  The Moving Camera
DMP-2450  Advanced Video Field Production
 Internship - Practicum
DMP-2950  Capstone - Portfolio


HST-1010   History of Western Civilization to 1300
HST-1012  The History of Western Civilization, 1300-1815
HST-1014   The History of Western Civilization Since 1815
HST-1016   Women in Europe
HST-1017   History of Race and Racism
HST-1018   Ancient Greek and Roman History
HST-1019  The History of Medieval Civilization
HST-1031   The United States to 1877
HST-1032   The United States Since 1877
HST-1034   History of Women in America
HST-1035   History of American Warfare
HST-1036   The US and 20th Century World Affairs
HST-1050   The American Experience
 History of Africa
 The History of the Modern Middle East
HST-1200   Topics in History


 Concert Band
MUS-1020   Music Appreciation
MUS-1030-1033   Instrumental Ensemble I-IV: Latin Ensemble
 Chorale I-IV
 Chamber Ensemble I-II
 Jazz Ensemble I-IV
 Chamber Choir I-IV
MUS-1081   Group Piano I
MUS-1082   Group Voice I
MUS-1083   Group Guitar I
MUS-1091   Group Piano II
MUS-1092   Group Voice II
MUS-1093   Group Guitar II
 Barbershop Harmony Chorus I-IV
MUS-1181, 1191, 2181, 2191
 Private Instruction, Piano I-IV
MUS-1182, 1192, 2182, 2192
 Private Instruction, Voice I-IV
MUS-1183, 1193, 2183, 2193
 Private Instruction, Guitar I-IV
MUS-1184, 1194, 2184, 2194
 Private Instruction, Strings I-IV
MUS-1185, 1195, 2185, 2195
 Private Instruction, Brass I-IV
MUS-1186, 1196, 2186, 2196
 Private Instruction, Woodwinds I-IV
MUS-1187, 1197, 2187, 2197
 Private Instruction, Percussion I-IV
MUS-1201   Classical and Romantic Music
MUS-1202   A Survey of American Music
MUS-1203   History of Jazz
MUS-1204   History of Rock Music
MUS-1400   Music Fundamentals
MUS-1440   Cooperative Education I - Studio Recording Techniques
MUS-1450   Cooperative Education II - Studio Recording Techniques
MUS-1501   Music Theory I
MUS-1501L   Ear Training Lab I
MUS-1511   Music Theory II
MUS-1511L   Ear Training Lab II
MUS-2011   Music Theory III
MUS-2011L   Ear Training Lab III
MUS-2021   Music Theory IV
MUS-2021L   Ear Training Lab IV


PHL-1010   Introduction to Philosophy
PHL-1020  Introduction to Logic
PHL-1030   Introduction to Religion
PHL-1050   Science and Human Understanding
PHL-1400   Social Ethics
PHL-1410   Topics in Contemporary Ethics
PHL-1420   Law and Society
PHL-1430   Business Ethics


THE-1010   Introduction to Theatre 
THE-1020   Stagecraft
THE-1030   Creative Expression in the Theatre
THE-1040   Theatre Makeup
THE-1050   Theatre Costume
THE-2410   Major Movements in Western Theatre
THE-2900   Topics in Stage Production
THE-2901   Topics in Stage Production II
THE-2902   Topics in Stage Production III
THE-2903   Topics in Stage Production IV