Equipment Rentals

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The Conference Center offers state-of-the-art media and audiovisual equipment with satellite downlinks, built-in projection screens and more. Supporting the Conference Center's technical capabilities is a staff of knowledgeable professionals who have the technology and the techniques to make a difference - and the focus to make it perfect.

Please note: Equipment rentals are only available in combination with conference service rentals.

EQUIPMENT (Fees are for daily scheduled events)


50" LCD Flat Screen w/DVD Player


Audio CD Player/Recorder


Audio Conference Phone




Extension cord


Flip chart without paper


Flip chart, pad and markers (up to 4) ($5 for each additional)


Laptop Computer


Laser pointers - La Plata only


LCD projector with laptop screen and/or Video/DVD playback/Document Camera


LCD projector with screen


Microphone (wireless hand held, wireless lavaliere)


Podium with Microphone (BI104/BI113/BI113E)


Portable AV Cart


Portable AV Cart with Electric Hook Up


Projector, Overhead with Screen


Public Address System (1 microphone, 2 speakers) Additional Microphones $25.00 each





Technician (4 hr/min)


Telephone (Phone charges will be at additional cost)


Whiteboard with markers (portable)


Wireless Presentation Mouse with Laser Pointer - La Plata only


Fees subject to change without notice