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Submissions for Gallery Exhibition

The College of Southern Maryland is not accepting proposals for solo and small group exhibitions at this time. This space will be updated with information on submitting proposals for the 2018-2019 academic year as it becomes available.

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See the work of various local and national artists in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery.

The gallery was established in 2000 in memory of Southern Maryland artist Tony Hungerford, the son of Vincent and Evelyn Hungerford.

The gallery is at the La Plata Campus, Fine Arts Center and is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please call 301-934-7828 to arrange for other hours if necessary. Gallery Talks are usually held on Tuesday afternoons and are free and open to the public.

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2016-2017 Schedule of Gallery Exhibits

Art by Meggan GouldTraces of Vision
Meggan Gould | September 6 - 29

Artist Lecture:
September 27 | 2:30 p.m.
Learning Resource Center (LR Building), Room 102

The Visualizing layers of information/ knowledge is a continual undercurrent within Gould’s work. She looks to exploit the ability of the photograph to
stop our vision at an ostensibly superficial level of mutable, mundane  surfaces. This recent work looks to the small scale of the surface of familiar objects, specifically iPads and camera viewfinders. She is fascinated by how we look at and visually process screens in our screen-soaked culture; the thought of touch-screens being so integrated into daily life would have been unthinkable a mere few years ago. Similar to how we might erase chalk from a chalkboard with a specific gesture, our fingers navigate our ostensibly identical screen surfaces in unique ways, and the grease and dirt on our fingers give away our patterns, our routines -- and, of course, our fingerprint identity.

Art by Dominic Sansone

# the drone life

Dominic Sansone | October 10 - November 3

Artist Lecture:
Tuesday, October 11th | 2:30
Learning Resource Center (LR Building), Room 102 with a reception immediately following in the gallery.

Sansone’s current body of artwork is a critical response to the disproportionate role of the Military Industrial Complex in our society. From his childhood, the artist can recall a great fear of the Soviet Union and nuclear obliteration at their hands. Now, thanks to the nightly news, his sons may have radical Islamists and terrorists as the source for their nightmares. There is always a new enemy or evil to vanquish leading to war without end. Americans, in particular, have seemingly become addicted to the state of war, in part, due to their desensitization at the hands of the media they consume. From video games glorifying killing, to twenty-four-hour coverage of conflicts, to real-time video of smart bombs dropping down chimneys; we have an endless supply of stimuli to numb ourselves. The pain and suffering endured by others becomes nothing more than flickering images on a screen. Ultimately, his body of work is born of his own identity and his response to it as a former member of the Military Industrial Complex and having grown up during the height of the Cold War in the 1980’s. In the end, these works do not answer the questions or propose solutions, but hopefully cause the viewer to consider, with more than a cursory glance, the visual culture of our cities, our entertainment, our public art, and our media.

Art by Gregory T. DavisImpermanence of Knowledge

Gregory T. Davis | November 14 - December 8

Artist Lecture:
Tuesday, November 15th | 2:30
Learning Resource Center (LR Building), Room 102 with a reception immediately following in the gallery.

Knowledge is tenuous. It requires that it be passed down, person to person to continue existence. Whether it is through word of mouth, books, floppy disks, or the cloud, this line must continue to keep knowledge alive. Davis is most interested in the places where this stream breaks down, the point where the path of knowledge is severed and the information becomes lost. Technology changes, books decay, and memories fade. All of these serve as a point to begin a conversation about how we store information and pass on our knowledge.


Art by Jim ArendtSelvage

Jim Arendt | February 6 - March 9

Art making is a way for Ardent to explore our changing relationship with labor. His research focuses on transitions in macroeconomic structures through the lens of their effects on individual lives,communities, and workers’ relationships to the structures of labor itself. The artist paid witness to the demise of opportunities to engage in meaningful work and has seen cities ravaged by the absence of industry. As the landscape of work and labor continue to shift around us, he uses art making as a way to investigate how the division of labor and alienation from work has impacted individual lives.


Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

April 10 - May 5

Submissions for the Annual Juried Student Exhibition will be accepted from March 28 to April 1. Please see the submission guidelines and form here. The jury will select exhibition works on April 5.

Paintings in broad brush strokes, photos in captivating focus, and sculptures molded with playfulness are among the types of artwork showcased each spring as part of the College of Southern Maryland Annual Juried Student
Exhibition presented in the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery, Fine Arts Center, La Plata Campus. Join us for an Award Reception on April 18, 2017 at 2:30 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that Matthew Moore will be our Juror for this year’s exhibit.

Pictured: Dumpster Lines by CSM alumna Selene La Marca. 2016 Faculty Purchase Award Winner


Thanks to Our Artists

"The Yellow School Bus" 14"x11
"The Yellow School Bus" 14"x11

A Gift from Artist Jan Clayton Pagratis

Artist Jan Clayton Pagratis has made a gift to CSM of one of the paintings from her show:  "The Yellow School Bus" 14"x11"  Encaustic, Pencil Shavings, Rusty Metal and Wood, on Canvas.

Ms. Pagratis expressed her warm gratitude for the opportunity to show her work at CSM and a special appreciation for the interest expressed by the students. The painting she donated relates to students, and education in particular, and she felt CSM to be an appropriate home for the painting. CSM, the Division of Communication, Arts and Humanities and the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery would like to thank Ms. Pagratis for her gift and show our appreciation for her work.

 Juniper II, 2004
" Juniper II, 2004" Larry Chappelear

A Gift from the Chappelear Family

The family of painter and avid sportsman Professor Larry Chappelear has made a wonderful gift to CSM of one of his abstract paintings, Juniper II, 2004, mixed media on panel, now hanging in the FA Theatre Lobby. From 1973 to his retirement in 2011, Mr. Chappelear was an advocate and coordinator for the Studio Arts program, promoted exhibits of visiting artists that led to the founding of the Tony Hungerford Art Gallery, became a  popular professor who helped thousands of students acquire a greater appreciation of the arts and more skill in expressing their own artistry, and married potter and fellow faculty member Susan Chappelear. We missed Mr. Chappelear when he retired from the college family and came to miss him even more when he passed away in the early months of his retirement. Juniper II is all the more treasured as an addition to the college's art collection, for his work will serve as a lasting memory of his contributions to the college and his skill and creativity as a painter.