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Associate Vice President of Institutional Equity and Diversity
Makeba L. Clay
301-870-3008 ext. 7658
La Plata Campus, Room CC 208

Program Coordinator of Institutional Equity and Diversity
Mari Canizales
301-870-3008 ext. 7659
La Plata Campus, Room CC 208


Program Coordinator, Men of Excellence Mentoring Program
Evan T. Green
301-870-3008 ext. 4743
La Plata Campus, Room CC 208

Program Coordinator, Diversity Institute
Robbie Morganfield
301-870-3008 ext. 4742
La Plata Campus, Room BI 205





What is Diversity

The College of Southern Maryland defines diversity as "the unique variety of qualities, traits and characteristics that are inherent to the human condition, with a focus on the world views, communication styles, and unique ways of "thinking, being and doing" of individuals within our institution and the community we serve." (NCCA Diversity Task Force, 2003)

As such, diversity is an inclusive concept that includes such elements as race, gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, intelligence, size, appearance, and economic status.  It is through our understanding and valuing of this diversity that we maximize the unique contributions we all are capable of making as students, employees, and members of the community.

Institutional Equity and Diversity Office Mission

Through counseling and community outreach, the Institutional Equity and Diversity Office strives to create an environment that is inclusive, free from discrimination and/or harassment, and values diversity.  The department recognizes the uniqueness of all and serves as a model for positive acceptance of differences among students, faculty, staff, administration and the community.

Our Expectation

In support of the goals of understanding and valuing diversity, our language and behavior toward one another in the workplace and the classroom is expected to be respectful.