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Languages and Literature

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Course Syllabi


Division of Languages and Literature

ENG 0800
Basic Writing
ENG 0900
Introduction to Composition
ENG 1010
Composition and Rhetoric
ENG 1020
Composition and Literature
ENG 1030
Composition and Non-Fiction Prose
ENG 2010
English Literature I
ENG 2020
English Literature II
ENG 2030
Introduction to Literature: Short Novel
ENG 2040
Introduction to Drama
ENG 2050
Business and Technical Writing
ENG 2070
Introduction to Poetry
ENG 2080
Writing and Editing for the Web
ENG 2090
Introduction to Workplace Writing
ENG 2140
The Film As An Art Form
ENG 2145
American Cinema/American Culture
ENG 2150
Advanced Film
ENG 2200
American Literature I
ENG 2210
American Literature II
ENG 2230
Connections: Contemporary Writers and Issues
ENG 2235
Contemporary American Poetry
ENG 2240
African-American Literature
ENG 2250
Women Writers
ENG 2260
Ethnic American Literature
ENG 2270
Latin American Literature and Film
ENG 2320
World Literature I
ENG 2330
World Literature II
ENG 2810
The Vietnam War in Film and Literature
ENG 2825
American War Literature and Film I
ENG 2826
American War Literature and Film II
ENG 2840
The Civil War in Film and Literature
ENG 2950
Creative Writing: Fiction, Memoir and Creative Non-Fiction
ENG 2960
Creative Writing: Poetry
FRE 1010
Introduction to French I
FRE 1020
Introduction to French II
FRE 1050
The Culture of France
FRE 2010
Composition and Conversation I
FRE 2020
Composition and Conversation II
LAN 1050
Cultures of Africa
LAN 1054
Cultures of Asia
LAN 1080
Popular Culture
LAN 1100
Introduction to Women's Studies
RDG 0800
Analytic Reading and Reasoning
SPA 1010
Elementary Spanish I
SPA 1020
Elementary Spanish II
SPA 1050
The Culture of the Americas
SPA 1051
The Cultures of Puerto Rico
SPA 1052
The Culture of Belize
SPA 1110
Spanish for Heritage Speakers
SPA 1120
Workplace Spanish
SPA 2010
Intermediate Spanish I
SPA 2020
Intermediate Spanish II
SPA 2050
Advanced Conversation and Composition