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Mathematics, Physics and Engineering Applied Science and Technology
Does a degree program that is designed with maximum flexibility appeal to you? At the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), we offer an Associate of Arts degree in Applied Science and Technology that is perfect for students interested in joining the workforce or transferring to a university since it can lead to a variety of fields.

Most Science Technicians need at least an Associate Degree in Applied Science Technology. After obtaining their degree, they can transfer to a university to earn a Bachelor's Degree in an area that interests them. Fields that need Science Technicians include Biological, Geological and Petroleum, Environmental Science and Protection, Forensic, Engineering, Broadcast and Sound, Physics, Information Systems, Health, and Chemistry among others.

Math Professor Tom Seremet with a class

Professor Seremet has been teaching for CSM for 25 years and earned the Faculty Excellence Award at CSM in 2009. He holds a master's degree from George Washington University and a bachelor of science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

The work environment of a Science Technician varies from laboratories monitoring experiments to remote outdoor locations depending on the nature of the particular field. On the job, Science Technicians use principles and theories of science and mathematics to solve problems, assist in inventing and troubleshooting products and are very hands-on in the process. They set up, operate, and maintain lab equipment, as well as calibrate and monitor experiments. Individuals that are detail oriented and have the ability to communicate results and develop conclusions will be very successful as Science Technicians.

As you can see, the Associate of Arts degree in Applied Science and Technology is a stepping stone to multiple fields and can also lead to future degree programs such as Operations Research, Doctor of Medicine, Dentistry, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physics or Engineering.
Faculty member, Dick Beers, working on a Physics project in class.
Faculty Spotlight.  Dick Beers.

CSM Physics Professor and Yale graduate Dick Beers becomes animated when talking about physics. READ MORE

Points of Distinction
  1. Preparing students at all mathematical levels for transfer or career placement

  2. Earning 2009 Faculty Excellence Award ~
    Professor Seremet

  3. Offering NEW Associate of Engineering degrees ~
    Computer Engineering and
    Electrical Engineering

  4. Expanding opportunities for transferring students
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