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Course Syllabi

Spring 2013

Faculty First Name Last Name Section  Location Start Date Days Met Start Time End Time Room
Angeline Acosta MTH-1000T-113291 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 11:00AM 11:50AM A101
MTH-1080-113317 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 08:00AM 09:45AM C301
Jennifer Andreas MTH-1000T-113293 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 05:00PM 05:50PM A101
MTH-1000T-113294 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 04:50PM A101
Rachelle Andrews-Mobley MTH-1105-116885 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 07:15PM 09:00PM PFA217
Makeba Atkins PHY-1210-114020 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 11:30AM 12:50PM B206
Richard Beers PHY-2210-114916 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM PFA207
PHY-1010-114013 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 01:00PM 02:20PM PFA207
PHY-1210L-114915 PRIN 1/21/2014 T 11:30AM 01:20PM PFA207
PHY-1210-114021 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:20AM PFA207
PHY-2210L-112930 PRIN 1/22/2014 W 09:30AM 11:20AM PFA207
PHY-1010L-113007 PRIN 1/22/2014 W 02:30PM 04:20PM PFA207
Michelle Bell MTH-1000T-115034 LEON 1/25/2014 S 01:00PM 02:40PM A101
MTH-1000T-115033 LEON 1/25/2014 S 11:00AM 12:40PM A101
Kimberly Belvin MTH-1000T-113879 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 10:00AM 10:50AM A101
Brian Bielski MTH-2200-114683 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 07:15PM 09:05PM C302
Catherine Bowman Goldring MTH-1000T-114999 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 06:00PM 06:50PM A101
Byron Brezina EGR-1210-113666 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 05:45PM 07:05PM B307
Linda Butters MTH-1000T-113875 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 07:00PM 07:50PM ST100
Hollis Chichester MTH-1000T-115021 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 04:00PM 04:50PM PFA221
MTH-1000T-115014 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 10:50AM PFA221
MTH-1080-113886 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 08:00AM 09:45AM PFA216
Mary Clifton MTH-1130-113920 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM ST141
Natalie Cullen MTH-1080-113064 WALD 1/24/2014 F 12:30PM 02:20PM 1030A
MTH-1080-113312 WALD 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:45AM 1030C
MTH-1080-113893 WALD 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
MTH-1000T-113301 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 03:00PM 03:50PM ST100
Liza Cureg MTH-1080-113889 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 09:00PM PFA216
MTH-1560-113933 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 05:45PM 07:05PM PFA216
Keith Ehman MTH-1560-113932 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 08:35PM C302
Eleazer Ekwue PHY-2200L-114812 LAPL 1/27/2014 M 09:30AM 11:20AM ST138
PHY-2200-114024 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM ST114
PHY-1210L-114841 LAPL 1/27/2014 M 07:15PM 09:05PM ST138
PHY-1210-113379 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 05:45PM 07:05PM ST114
PHY-1020-113377 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 05:20PM ST140
MTH-1120-113328 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 11:30AM 12:50PM ST114
PHY-2210L-114837 LAPL 1/23/2014 TH 07:15PM 09:05PM ST138
PHY-1020L-113378 LAPL 1/23/2014 TH 05:25PM 07:10PM ST138
Robert Farinelli MTH-1210-113332 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 07:15PM 09:05PM ST141
MTH-1080-113316 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 05:20PM 07:05PM ST141
MTH-2200-113937 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Michael Finck MTH-1105-114561 LEON 3/24/2014 MWF 07:15PM 09:45PM C304
MTH-2300-113941 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 05:45PM 07:05PM C114
Kama Friedman MTH-1080-113314 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 08:00AM 09:45AM ST111
Kellette Gale MTH-1000T-114988 LAPL 1/24/2014 F 12:00PM 01:40PM ST100
Adam Galemore MTH-1000T-115016 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 07:00PM 07:50PM PFA221
MTH-1000T-115017 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 06:00PM 06:50PM PFA221
Gobi Gopinath EGR-2310L-112893 LAPL 1/27/2014 M 04:00PM 05:20PM CS100
PHY-2210-114025 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 05:45PM 07:05PM ST111
EGR-2310-113194 LAPL 1/22/2014 W 02:30PM 03:50PM ST217
MTH-2300-113942 LEON 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Heidi Granholm MTH-2300-113342 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 08:30AM 09:50AM ST114
Jennelle Grier-Vaughan MTH-1000T-113306 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 06:00PM 06:50PM PFA221
Steven Hand MTH-1080-112785 WALD 3/27/2014 MWF 01:00PM 03:25PM 1030C
MTH-1105-114562 PRIN 3/24/2014 MWF 08:00AM 09:45AM PFA117
MTH-1000T-113873 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 05:00PM 05:50PM ST100
Sarah Hand MTH-1000T-115019 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 03:00PM 03:50PM PFA221
MTH-1000T-115013 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 02:00PM 02:50PM PFA221
MTH-1000T-115015 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 11:00AM 11:50AM PFA221
MTH-1000T-113305 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 11:00AM 11:50AM PFA221
MTH-1000T-113307 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 10:50AM PFA221
Joe Haralson MTH-1100-113897 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM ST226
MTH-1120-115930 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:20AM ST111
MTH-1105-114560 LAPL 3/25/2014 TTHF 02:30PM 05:00PM ST164
Barbara Hayes MTH-1000T-113311 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 08:00AM 08:50AM ST100
MTH-1105-117096 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:45AM ST164
MTH-1000T-113296 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 09:00AM 09:50AM ST100
Jeannette Hubley MTH-1080-113892 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 09:00PM C301
Steven Hundert MTH-1210-114827 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 05:20PM 07:05PM C302
MTH-1080-113891 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM C301
MTH-1210-113928 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:45AM C302
MTH-2300-113338 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:20AM C301
MTH-1080-113318 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 12:35PM 02:20PM C301
Jane Ichniowski MTH-1130-113919 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 04:00PM 05:20PM C114
Shadei Jones MTH-1000T-113310 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 12:00PM 12:50PM ST100
Stephen Katulich MTH-1000T-113290 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 07:00PM 07:50PM A101
MTH-1000T-113292 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 06:00PM 06:50PM A101
Charles Kinslow MTH-1100-113319 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 11:30AM 12:50PM PFA216
Stephen Kruszka MTH-1000T-115012 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 07:00PM 07:50PM A101
Marc Labelle MTH-1080-112818 LAPL 3/24/2014 MTWTH 07:15PM 09:00PM ST114
Warren Laheist MTH-2300-113337 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 05:45PM 07:05PM PFA209
MTH-2300-113336 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 01:00PM 02:20PM PFA216
MTH-2300-113940 PRIN 1/21/2014 W 11:30AM 01:15PM PFA209
Lee Ann Lewis MTH-1000T-113303 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 07:00PM 07:50PM ST100
Josue Limage PHY-1010-113374 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 05:20PM PFA207
PHY-1010-113373 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 01:00PM 02:20PM B206
PHY-1010L-113375 LEON 1/23/2014 TH 11:00AM 12:50PM B204
PHY-1010L-113376 PRIN 1/23/2014 TH 05:30PM 07:20PM PFA207
Elizabeth Long MTH-1000T-113880 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 02:00PM 02:50PM A101
MTH-1000T-113878 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 03:00PM 03:50PM A101
Israel Loube MTH-1000T-115031 PRIN 1/25/2014 S 01:00PM 02:40PM PFA221
MTH-1000T-115032 PRIN 1/25/2014 S 11:00AM 12:40PM PFA221
Kimberly Lukas MTH-1105-113906 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 08:00AM 09:45AM ST160
Vicki Magnus MTH-1100-113900 WALD 1/21/2014 TTH 05:45PM 07:05PM 1030A
Stephanie McCaslin MTH-1105-114571 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM ST160
MTH-1100-113896 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:20AM ST219
MTH-2110-113935 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM ST217
MTH-2120-114648 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 05:20PM 07:05PM ST143
MTH-2350-115780 LAPL 1/22/2014 - - - MyCSMD
MTH-1100-113902 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
James McCrary PHY-2200-115720 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 05:45PM 07:05PM B313
PHY-2200L-114843 LEON 1/27/2014 M 07:15PM 09:05PM B204
Alison McLaughlin PHY-1020L-114019 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Derek McLaughlin MTH-2300-117494 WALD 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Alison McLaughlin PHY-1020-114018 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Alison McLaughlin PHY-1010L-114017 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Alison McLaughlin PHY-1010-114014 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Mary McPhaul MTH-1000T-113297 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 10:50AM ST100
MTH-1000T-113298 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 11:00AM 11:50AM ST100
William Moffatt MTH-1000T-113304 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 07:00PM 07:50PM PFA221
Rachel Morris MTH-1105-113905 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 07:15PM 09:00PM C303
Patricia Nickerson MTH-1105-113907 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM ST160
MTH-1000T-113865 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 09:00AM 09:50AM ST100
April O'Leary MTH-1105-114570 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 05:20PM 07:05PM ST160
Barbara Pereira MTH-1000T-113295 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 10:50AM A101
KeTrena Phipps MTH-2300-113341 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 07:15PM 08:35PM ST111
MTH-2300-113335 WALD 1/21/2014 TTH 07:15PM 08:35PM 1030B
Robert Pitts MTH-1000T-113877 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 11:00AM 11:50AM A101
Sandra Poinsett MTH-2220-114801 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM ST142
MTH-2210-113939 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 07:15PM 09:05PM ST141
MTH-1150-113922 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM ST142
MTH-2200-113938 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 12:35PM 02:20PM ST141
MTH-1130-113921 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
MTH-1120-113917 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Sylvia Pope MTH-1000T-114996 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 05:00PM 05:50PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113302 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 06:00PM 06:50PM ST100
Patsy Ray MTH-1120-113913 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM C303
Marlene Robinson MTH-1080-113885 LAPL 1/21/2014 W 07:15PM 09:00PM ST143
Andrea Ronaldi MTH-1080-113884 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM ST111
Fawaz Roumani EGR-1100-114720 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:45AM ST158
MTH-1080-113883 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM ST143
EGR-1210-113190 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 11:30AM 12:50PM ST140
EGR-2210-115737 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 08:30AM 09:50AM ST140
MTH-1080-113894 WALD 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Elizabeth Rourke MTH-1000T-113867 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 11:00AM 11:50AM ST100
MTH-1000T-113866 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 10:50AM ST100
MTH-1000T-113868 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 12:00PM 12:50PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113869 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 01:00PM 01:50PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113870 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 02:00PM 02:50PM ST100
Fred Russell MTH-1210-113927 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 08:00AM 09:45AM ST114
MTH-1560-113931 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM ST111
MTH-1200-113924 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM ST219
MTH-1200-114682 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 08:00AM 09:45AM ST143
MTH-2300-113340 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 11:30AM 12:50PM ST219
Ronald Sableski MTH-1105-113904 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 08:00AM 09:45AM C303
Shanda Sampson MTH-1120-113911 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 08:35PM ST140
MTH-1000T-113874 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 06:00PM 06:50PM ST100
MTH-1000T-114997 LAPL 1/25/2014 S 11:00AM 12:40PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113027 LAPL 1/25/2014 S 01:00PM 02:40PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113026 LAPL 1/25/2014 S 09:00AM 10:40AM ST100
Aurora Sarabia MTH-1080-113890 WALD 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 09:00PM 1030C
Cody Schnaufer MTH-2300-113339 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 07:15PM 08:35PM C202
Thomas Seremet MTH-1080-113888 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM PFA216
MTH-1080-113887 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM PFA217
MTH-1080-113315 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 12:35PM 02:20PM ST111
MTH-1120-113327 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:20AM ST219
John Short EGR-2210-113193 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM C114
EGR-2200-113191 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:20AM C114
EGR-2710-114806 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM C314
EGR-2320-113669 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 05:20PM A208
EGR-2320-113668 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 05:20PM BI009
EGR-1100-113189 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 12:35PM 02:20PM A203
Dorothy Singleton MTH-1000T-113309 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 05:00PM 05:50PM PFA221
MTH-1000T-113308 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 04:50PM PFA221
Don Smith PHY-1210L-113380 LEON 1/24/2014 F 12:00PM 01:50PM B204
PHY-1010-114011 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:20AM ST114
PHY-1010-114012 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 05:45PM 07:05PM ST138
PHY-1010L-114015 LAPL 1/21/2014 W 11:30AM 01:20PM ST138
PHY-1010L-114016 LAPL 1/21/2014 W 07:15PM 09:05PM ST138
Donna Sperry MTH-1000T-113882 LAPL 1/24/2014 F 02:00PM 03:40PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113062 LAPL 1/24/2014 F 10:00AM 11:40AM ST100
MTH-1200-113926 LEON 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
MTH-1210-113930 LEON 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Marian Steinbach MTH-1120-113914 LEON 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 08:35PM C114
Susan Strickland MTH-1200-113925 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM C302
Strickland MTH-2210-114798 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 08:00AM 09:45AM C302
Strickland MTH-1210-113331 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 08:00AM 09:45AM C302
Strickland MTH-2110-113333 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:45AM C302
Elizabeth Struble MTH-1560-113934 LAPL 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Susan Subocz MTH-1100-117493 WALD 1/21/2014 - - - MyCSMD
Michael Swann MTH-1105-117138 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 05:20PM 07:05PM BU203
MTH-1105-113324 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 07:15PM 09:00PM ST164
Theresa Tipsword MTH-1000T-113299 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 01:00PM 01:50PM ST100
MTH-1000T-113300 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 02:00PM 02:50PM ST100
Lynwood Townsend MTH-1200-113330 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 05:20PM 07:05PM C302
Leslie Tuttle MTH-1000T-114992 LAPL 1/21/2014 TTH 04:00PM 04:50PM ST100
Tisha Tyson MTH-1115-113908 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 07:15PM 08:35PM ST219
Scott Vantonningen MTH-1130-113329 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 01:00PM 02:20PM PFA216
MTH-1120-113910 LAPL 1/21/2014 MW 04:00PM 05:20PM ST217
MTH-1120-113915 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 11:30AM 12:50PM PFA216
Charles Walsh MTH-1100-113901 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 10:00AM 11:20AM C301
MTH-1150-113923 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 02:30PM 04:15PM C113
MTH-1105-113323 LEON 1/21/2014 TTH 12:35PM 02:20PM C314
Chrishanna Warren MTH-1000T-113063 LAPL 1/24/2014 F 08:00AM 09:40AM ST100
Warren MTH-1000T-113864 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 08:00AM 08:50AM ST100
Tanisha Wilcox MTH-1000T-114986 LAPL 1/24/2014 F 06:00PM 07:40PM ST100
David Williams MTH-1000T-113871 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 03:00PM 03:50PM ST100
David Williams MTH-1000T-113872 LAPL 1/22/2014 MW 04:00PM 04:50PM ST100
Neal Wilsey PHY-1210L-113067 LAPL 1/24/2014 F 02:00PM 03:50PM ST138
Alvonne Wimmer MTH-1000T-114998 LEON 1/22/2014 MW 04:00PM 04:50PM A101
Neal Wynn MTH-1120-113912 PRIN 1/21/2014 MW 07:15PM 08:35PM PFA209
Yagu Zhao MTH-1105-114572 PRIN 1/22/2014 MW 12:35PM 02:20PM PFA117
MTH-1210-113929 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 12:35PM 02:20PM PFA209
MTH-1105-114573 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 05:20PM 07:05PM PFA117
MTH-1080-113313 PRIN 1/21/2014 TTH 10:00AM 11:45AM PFA217