Student Government Association

SGA Spring Fling

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents your voice in the administrative affairs of the college. Each CSM campus has chapters which are advised by the Vice President of Instructional and Support Services. The SGA is funded by the student activity fee and all registered students are members.

Interested in starting a new club?  It's easy...

  1. Gather at least 10 student members willing to participate in club activities.  Members must have a valid student ID card and enrolled in credit classes.
  2. Obtain an advisor.  Advisors must be employees of the College of Southern Maryland and approved by the Student Life Office.
  3. Submit a completed Club Registration Form.
  4. Develop your club constitution and bylaws with the new members to help govern your organization.

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Interested in joining an existing club? 

Immerse yourself in campus life and find people with similar interests by joining a club. Contact the club advisor on the club and organization page, or visit the Student Life Office for information.