La Plata Campus Student Association

The La Plata Student Association serves by representing student opinion, addressing campus needs through targeted programming and the maintenance of tradition, and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.  Its dedicated staff and elected officers have the obligation to carry out projects promoting student activity.

Genevra Williams

President Genevra Williams

Genevra Williams is your 2016-2017 Student Association President.  At CSM she is studying Social Sciences and planning to major in Psychology. Once she is earns her Associate Degree at CSM, Genevra plans to transfer to Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC to pursue her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. After earning her Bachelor Degree, she plans on pursuing a career in Developmental Psychology. Genevra's favorite hobbies include: reading, writing, and singing. A few things to know about her are: She is a great listener, has a great big heart that's full of love for everyone, and her favorite animals are pandas.

Kelly Swyka

Vice President Kelly Swyka

Kelly Swyka is your 2013-2017 Student Association Vice President. She moved here in August from Chesapeake City Maryland. Although she is new to the La Plata Campus, this is her third year in college. She loves to help people in any way that she can because she believes a smile is the most rewarding thing. Currently her major is graphic design. When she’s not at school Kelly enjoys fishing, taking pictures, exploring, and listening to music. Her ultimate goal is to advertise and build her own farm.

Lauren Chasity

Treasurer Lauren Charity

The 2016-2017 La Plata Student Association Treasurer is Lauren Charity. After completing college at CSM, she plans on attending Towson University. Before joining SA, she was on the tennis team, the club Educators Rising, and Unified Tennis and Track. She had also interned at a local middle school, daycare and a freshman class during her high school career. She has taken four years of Spanish and is moderately fluent in the language. Lauren was the first graduating class of Saint Charles High School and the first promoting class of Mary B. Neal elementary school. Fun facts about Lauren Charity: She can eat a whole dozen of doughnuts without milk and has a picture of a blob fish in a wig for her desktop screen saver.

Elle Williams

Secretary Elle Williams

Elle Williams is Secretary of Student Association. She’s always been involved in school and has continued that trend in her college life. After getting her Communication degree from CSM she plans to transfer to University of Maryland College Park and major in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. From there, she plans to continue her education and earn a Master’s in Public Relations.  Being a publicist is her ideal career path. Though the field is competitive, she remains optimistic of achieving her goals. Elle works in retail full time and attends college full time, so her schedule is kind of hectic. No matter where she is she likes to be involved and is always helpful. Her interests include:  trying out new restaurants, quality coffee and tea shops, finding quiet places to read, and online shopping.  Elle can usually be identified by her curly hair or her obnoxious laugh. If you see her, or hear her, it’ll brighten your day.

Representative Francis Bartels

Francis Bartels is your 2016-2017 Student Association Representative. Francis Bartels is majoring in Biology with aspirations of becoming a Physician's Assistant. Francis received his Medical Assisting certificates from Friendly High School, in June of 2016. He is expected to transfer by fall of 2018 to Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School. After completing college, Francis wants To move to California to begin his medical practice and generate the best health care possible.


Chloe Dickson

Representative Chloe Dickson

Chloe Dickson is your 2016-2017 Student Association Representative and currently in her second year here at CSM. She is studying History, with a plan to major in Political Science and minor in History. As a Student Representative, she hopes to hear ideas from our CSM students to help make an impact here at CSM. When she's not at CSM, she's either reading, out adventuring, or studying. Chloe is a Gold Award Girl Scout, a concert enthusiast, and a lover of alpacas.

Sarah Jones

Representative Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is a 2016-2017 Student Representative. She is a general education major and will be transferring to West Virginia University to major in Agriculture Extension Education and Equine Science Management. After Sarah receives her degree from West Virginia University she plans on becoming a 4-H Extension Agent for an extension education.  Sarah is a member of 4-H, Charles County Junior Fair Board, Charles County Farm Bureau, and Future Farmers of America.  Sarah enjoys serving her community in multiple volunteer organizations.  Fun Fact: Sarah enjoys showing her dogs at dog shows around the nation.

Sarah Lewis

Representative Sarah Lewis

Sarah Lewis is your 2016-2017 Student Association Representative. She is majoring in Communications and aspires to be a radio personality. Sarah is expected to graduate from CSM in the spring semester of 2017 and then transfer to a 4 year university in order to complete her Bachelor's Degree in Communications in Mass Media. She is looking forward to attending either Towson or Howard University to complete this degree. While attending CSM, Sarah aspires to establish a college radio station on the La Plata Campus and serve as the Vice President. She is a very outgoing and driven person, that loves to encourage and motivate her friends or strangers to accomplish their goals. A few things to know about Sarah Lewis are that she is a great friend, hard-working, creative, supportive, and dedicated.