Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute

Entrepreneur and Innovation Institute

Our Vision

Promote all forms of entrepreneurship and innovation in Southern Maryland, and create value for Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties.

What are the Key Components?

Education and Training

CSM has launched a Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificate and Letter of Recognition.

Mentoring and Discussion Circles

Mentoring is high on the list of priorities for the institute. Mentoring can take several forms, such as individual and group mentoring.

Competition and Awards

The annual Leading Edge Awards will be replaced by the EII Awards Dinner that recognizes and celebrates entrepreneurship.

Young Entrepreneur Academy

The EII will offer a hands-on entrepreneurship and innovation experience summer program for middle and high school students.

Why Promote Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs are frequently thought of as national assets to be cultivated, motivated, and remunerated…” - Shohhit Seth

64% of new private-sector jobs are created by small businesses.

Why Build an Institute?

  • Some possess innate talents to become successful entrepreneurs, but most require training, mentoring, and support.
  • Many entrepreneurs lack the time and resources to pursue a four-year degree.
  • Reach Beyond The Classroom: CSM has always recognized the importance of formal education, but the institute reaches beyond the classroom to a broader Southern Maryland community.

Why Does this Institute Work at CSM?

Why are Entrepreneurs Important?

  • They create new businesses and spark social change.
  • They add to the national income.
  • They aid in community and global development.
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