Our Committee

Students planting bee-friends flowers outside of the ST Building on the La Plata Campus

Bee Campus Contact

Paul A. Billeter
Professor of Biology

Our Committee

  • Paul Billeter (Biology Faculty)
  • Tracey Stuller (Biology Faculty)
  • Lori Crocker (Biology Faculty)
  • Jean Russ (Biology Faculty)
  • Laura Robbins (Student Success)
  • Tony Jernigan (Financial and Administrative Services)
  • Jennifer Everhart (Financial and Administrative Services)
  • Ronald Toward (Physical Plant)
  • Laurie Cangelosi (Student Success)
  • Stephen Kegley (Physical Plant)
  • Hannah Cooksey (Student Life)
  • Bonnie Castlebury (Art Faculty)
  • George Bedell (Art Faculty)
  • Christine Arnold-Lourie (History Faculty)
  • David Walker (Geography Faculty)
  • Eileen Abel (Academic Affairs)
  • Kevin Phillips (Operations)
  • Gabriella Zabel (Biology Faculty)
  • Adrianna Armstrong (Student)
  • Jennifer Michelitch (Student)
  • Suzanna Walters (Student)