ESC Members

2018-2019 Environmental Sustainability Committee Members


  • Tony Jernigan, Vice President, Financial and Administrative Services


  • Paul Billeter, Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences
  • Karen Brandt, Executive Director, Maryland Center for Environmental Training
  • Gabi Caza, Student Representative
  • Sharon Buckler, Administrative Assistant, Office of the President
  • Lucia Charpentier, General Operations Manager, College Store
  • Kevin Cumberland, Network Security Administrator
  • Patty DeCarlo, Shipping and Receiving/Fixed Asset Manager
  • Camille DeJesus, Student Representative
  • Jennifer Everhart, Executive Assistant to the VP-Financial and Administrative Services
  • Ken Glassman, Professor, BAT
  • Kelly Hobbs, Student Representative
  • Lisa Jones, Director, Creative Services
  • Sarah Jones, Student Representative
  • Tara Jones, Training Coordinator, Maryland Center for Environmental Training
  • Rose Miller, Professor, Nursing
  • Marti O’Neill, Student Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Joe Piccolo, Procurement Director
  • Tom Repenning, Director, Library
  • Laura Robins, Student Success Coordinator
  • Michelle Ruble, Associate Director, Student Life and Athletics Department
  • Tracey Stuller, Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences
  • Annie Sutten, Lead College Event Manager, Scheduling and Conference Services
  • Kelly Swyka, Student Representative
  • Ron Toward, Executive Director, Physical Plant