Annual Affirmative Action Reporting

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Coordinator, Diversity Institute/Men of Excellence Mentoring Program
Timothy Fenner
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The Institutional Equity and Diversity Office coordinates the college's program of non-discrimination for all areas of employment and student services.

Data is derived from various college reports and imported into a system that produces the college's Annual Affirmative Action Plan.

This plan includes the cultural make-up of all college employees, applicants applying for employment, new hires, terminations, transfers, promotions, and a roster of all employees. Through this annual report we are able to recognize job categories within the college where minorities are underutilized and determine whether the college maintains non-discriminatory practices, including the entire employment process of recruitment, selection, placement, training, pay, promotions, and terminations.

The Institutional Equity and Diversity Office identifies problem and successful areas, which are included in the plan.  Goals and strategies are then developed to help the college meet criteria needed to recruit, employ, and retain eligible staff and faculty members that will enhance the college's success and lead to goals and achievements at CSM.

The Affirmative Action report can be found in the Library or the Institutional Equity and Diversity Office.

While the Institutional Equity and Diversity Office has many responsibilities, we should be reminded that all members of the college community are responsible for promotion of an atmosphere conducive to equal opportunities for all college members in their various roles as faculty, staff and students.