Visual Identity

Visual Identity

The visual standards of the college help to define appearance and the unique characteristics of CSM. Maintaining consistency within our visual elements helps to define and differentiate the College of Southern Maryland among our competition. Repetition of our visual elements helps to establish CSM in the minds of our audiences.

The purpose of these standards is to:

  • Reinforce the College of Southern Maryland’s identity
  • Ensure continuity in appearance of all communications
  • Present a positive consistent image of CSM
  • Protect and regulate the use of proprietary CSM logo marks and graphics

It is important that all faculty and staff understand these guidelines and adhere to these standards.


Institutional Colors

The College of Southern Maryland’s institutional colors are dark green (PMS 350), yellow (PMS 109), black and white. These colors should be the preferred colors when designing and printing materials, designing and/ or purchasing equipment, supplies, apparel, promotional items, furniture, etc. for the college.

To further identify different areas of the college, marketing materials often have specific bands of color at the bottom to quickly categorize the information as one of the following:

  • A dark green (PMS 350) band indicates credit classes or programs
  • A yellow (PMS 109) band indicates continuing education/non-credit classes or programs
  • A black band indicates an institutional event, program, or message (i.e. college mission or values)
  • A white band indicates student services (i.e. advising, career services, financial assistance, etc.)


The Marketing Department uses several typographic families. When used consistently, the fonts are the foundation for a successful brand identity. Our typographic identity takes many forms, within college publications and all applications that visually represent CSM.

CSM Typographic Identity

Screenshot of font styles

In all instances, CSM’s printed or electronic communications should be visually clear and effective. It is recommended that you minimize the number of typefaces used to no more than three.

Athletics Hawk LogoMascot

In the spirit of the College of Southern Maryland, the Hawk is the college’s official mascot. The mark of the Hawk is used for athletic teams and for student communication to promote the CSM pride and experience on our campuses. The Hawk and its mark should never be used in place of the CSM logo.


The Marketing Department strives to use photos of real students, faculty, and staff in all college materials. We do not encourage the use of clip art or stock photos in official college communication.

CSM Marketing Photography Style

  • A focus on subject(s) in the foreground creating depth and visual interest
  • Subject(s) should be actively involved in an activity or discussion and be expressive
  • Subject(s) should look natural and candid, not posed
  • In general photographs of campus buildings should include people and activity to show community or highlight architecturally interesting elements