Facility Usage

EXCERPTs taken from GA 3008 Facility Usage Policy

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) is viewed as a community resource and in accordance with the Board Policy for the public use of college facilities, the college encourages the use of its facilities, owned, leased, or operated with the exception of the Waldorf Center for Higher Education.  Facilities are available to CSM employees, recognized student groups, and to outside organizations and businesses in the form of rentals and co-sponsorships.

7. The College of Southern Maryland reserves the right to limit or refuse scheduling facilities for:
a. Outside organizations and/or businesses requesting space on a continuing basis (e.g. every Saturday morning) for longer than 1 month.  
b. Organizations or businesses that have not complied with the Facility Use Policy in the past.
c. Any meeting, event, and/or activity when the contract which includes the Support Services Form has not been received by the due date.
d. Any meeting, event, and/or activity when the college is closed.
e. Any meeting, event, and/or activity that presents a conflict of interest to the mission, programs, or services of the college.

8. Any meeting, event, and/or activity is automatically cancelled when the college closes due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions.  

9. Requests to use the following facilities should be made a minimum of four (4) weeks in advance of the event to ensure that adequate support services can be provided:  
La Plata Campus: Center for Business and Industry (BI Building); Fine Arts Center (FA Building), Theater; Physical Education Center (PE Building)
Leonardtown Campus: Building A, Auditorium - Room 206
Prince Frederick Campus: John E. Harms Academic Center (Building A), Multipurpose Area, Room 119

10. The applicant will name a Point of Contact who will be the individual present during the scheduled event and who is authorized to make decisions during the event.  The applicant will provide all information required on the CSM Facility Use Contract.

12. Outside organizations, businesses, or individuals may reserve space, when available, in the Campus Center (CC Building) lobby for the La Plata Campus and the Student Lounge or lobbies at other campuses, to present information regarding products, services, or events. Vendors may neither enter into contracts on campus, nor distribute any contracts or applications (other than applications for employment or admissions applications into an educational institution) on campus.

13. CSM is to be referenced only as the location of an event when advertising to the public and not as an endorsement of the event unless CSM has entered into a co-sponsorship agreement with the business and/or organization.  

14. Outside organizations, businesses, or individuals may not schedule parties, celebrations, or activities that are essentially social or personal in nature.

20. Any room used during a meeting, event, and/or activity must be left in its original condition and may be subject to inspection by a representative of the college.  This includes promotional items, fliers, and decorations.  Reasonable charges may be assessed against the user for the costs of clean-up or for the repair of damaged property.

For full policy and procedures, please see GA 3008 Facility Usage.