Third-Party or Employer-Paid Registration

The College of Southern Maryland provides a Sponsorship Billing/Tuition Assistance program for students. If your employer wants to be billed for the course, please submit a letter on company letterhead signed by the authorized billing agent that includes the information below. CSM also accepts tuition assistance paperwork from various third party agencies. Please submit this letter/tuition assistance paperwork along with your completed registration form when registering on campus or by mail-in registration.
  1. Company name, billing address, phone number, email, fax and other contact information if it is not provided on the letterhead.
  2. Purchase Order, Document, Approval, Authorization or any other number needed to get the invoice processed quickly and appropriately for your accounting department. Please do not include a credit card number on the document.
  3. Student name, address, student I.D. number (if you have it) and any other information to process the correct student.
  4. The course code of the class you are authorizing payment for. (Example: BUS-5100-123456)
  5. The amount that is authorized for billing/payment. Be sure to include any tuition, fees, books or supplies that the third party is willing to pay for.

Note: The student is responsible for any charges not covered by the third party assistance. For more information about CSM's Sponsored Billing/Tuition Assistance program, contact us at 301-934-7717 or